Gig review: Arctic Monkeys

6 08 2006

Yeah, I’m talking myself up a bit with the gig review title there, but whatevs. As I’ve mentioned a number of times, it’s my blog.

I just got home from The Arctic Monkeys at the Arena. A sold out tour on the strength of one album is a good trick, but they managed to meet our expectations. They pretty much played the album plus a couple of new songs. If you want a set list, I’m sure some rabid fan has posted it on some forum somewhere.

The support was the Grates. Disclosure: I love the Grates. I think they are tops, and I want Patience’s stockings. If you’ve ever seen them live you’ll know the sugar-filled goodness they are. It’s impossible to watch them and not be entirely charmed and energised by their bouncy joy. If you haven’t seen them live, and have any sort of penchant at all for guitars and singing and drums and bouncing, go next time they come to your neck of the woods. Here’s a crappy phone-pic of Patience doing some ribbon-twirling just because it was so fucking cute:

Ok, so it’s a bit hard to actually see the ribbon, but trust me, it was very rock. In a ribbon-twirling way. Claim to fame to remember to tell to grandkids/sell on ebay – we were watching the Grates and the lead singer from the Arctic Monkeys was standing next to us. With time, this story will evolve so that he was standing with us, and was our mate and bought us drinks or something. You know how it goes. But we noticed him because he had really silly hair. And then he turned up on stage. What a crazy world, eh?

Something I wasn’t expecting was how tiny the Arctic Monkeys boys all are. It was disconcerting at first; kind of like being dragged along to watch your friend’s kid brother’s band and discovering they’re really good. But even though they were so little they could pretty much fit in the palm of your hand, they made big noises with the guitars and things and had the entire crowd dancing about without a care in the world from the first song right through to the end.

Here’s another crappy phone-pic because you enjoyed the first one so much:

Note: a) teeny-tinyness of band (with apologies to drummer that we couldn’t see – for all I know he’s a giant) and b) carefree dancing crowd.

As you can see from the crappy phone-pic we had a pretty good spot. Until Mr Tall Man wandered up and stood in front of me. And then decided it was such a good spot he went off and found his friend Mr Even Taller Man so they could both stand in front of me. I hated them. Oh, how I hated them. I cursed them and imagined their painful demise. And then. And then they noticed they were blocking the view of about 20 people behind them… and knelt down. I loved them then. I wanted to marry them and have their babies, or at least buy them beer. Very tall people with consideration intact at gigs are one of my favourite things.

A strange side effect of the evening is that we’ve all started talking with stupid accents which I like to think are Sheffield ones but to be honest, it’s more just generic EastEnders. I’d comment on the witty banter, but unfortunately we could only make out what they were saying about a third of the time:

“Hullo Brisbane! Mmmmrrrwharrrfggrreernnnn great time!”

All in all, a top night, two great bands, ribbon twirling, crazy accents, scumbags, dancing and singing. If the Arctic Monkeys can make the magic happen on a school night when I’m stone-cold sober, they must be doing something right.




8 responses

7 08 2006

Sounds awesome. The Arena must be like a second home to you, you’ve been there a bit lately…

7 08 2006

How cool to see them live! Great to see you having a rocking good time!

7 08 2006

I love the phone pics. They are fan-bloody tastic. Particularly the last one, I love the light.Rock on great stockings & little fellas.

8 08 2006

i think you should amend the story IMMEDIATELY to include a dirty disco pash and a quick grope.who’s gonna know?and on the terrible british accents – i find i now do every english person as nikki from big brother. it means that my david brent and tony blair impersonations ain’t what they used to be…

8 08 2006

mskp what are you insinuating?!Or, more to the point, how did you know about that? Were you there? But you couldn’t have been there because you’re in Melbourne. Who are you getting your information from?…(I wish)…

9 08 2006

hey, i’m from vegas – i have eyes everywhere, you saucy minx….

10 08 2006
That Guy

..Mmmm, disco pash and grope, eh?….liked the pics – I still haven’t worked out how to get them into the text – can you help me ol mate?…

13 08 2006


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