9 08 2006

Woe is me. I am woe. The hot water machine, he is broken. Some issue with the automatic safety shut off being stuck on. Thanks to the manufacturer for thinking of my safety. I was thanking you this morning in my fucking cold shower. Not in so many words, though.

Our entire little household is extremely cranky. Ridiculously so. Suddenly all any of us want to do is have a bloody hot shower. Or even a lukewarm one. And be cranky at each other.

Insult to injury, when we checked with all the neighbours to see if it was just us, not one of those bastards offered the use of their showers. Not even the diagonally downstairs ones (the newly single boy has got one of his mates to move in so it’s now a bachelor pad). And it just was K and I looking all sad and unwashed on their doorstep – no B in sight.

Silver lining: Some of you may remember that week where I came to work in my pyjamas every morning because I couldn’t shower at home. But this is Queensland. Broken hot water doesn’t mean hypothermia. Hurrah!




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9 08 2006

Perhaps not hypothermia but wearing pj’s to work does have it’s allure (it would certainly make Monday morning less of a shock to my biorhythms). People are so rude – the bachelor pad should be so lucky to see girls running around in towels (or floppy bunny pjs, whatever). If you’re desperate, maybe you could boil some water and put it in a bath? Although I’d probably not shower with only that option. Or, if you’re prepared to drive 50mins out of Brisbane, you could certainly use my shower. You’d have to warn me first though so I can neutralise the little science experiment we have in there, “Will Mould Simply Choose To Go Away If Left Long Enough?” The answer to date? Sadly, no.

10 08 2006

I feel your pain.. as someone who has been the victim of real estate agents refusing to return my calls regarding the VERY FUCKING BROKEN HOT WATER SYSTEM I completely understand the need to break someone after emerging from a cold shower. As I mentioned you are most welcome to come and shower at mine. The 1300km trip would be worth it.

10 08 2006

I hate Independent Real Estate. They are the most incompetant people on the face of the Earth. For them to co-exist on a planet with a) George Bush and b) the immigration department, and for the above statement to remain true, is no simple feat.

10 08 2006

Thanks boff! I was a whisker away from taking you up on that when the lovely plumber man made it all better. Good to see you’re maintaining the rage Gigpig.

11 08 2006

You say that like its something I would have to work at..

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