Woe? What woe?

10 08 2006

Be right back. Just have to go and have a long, hot shower.




4 responses

10 08 2006

You better have not used all the hot water or I’m going to kill you. My head’s still thawing after this mornings shower!

10 08 2006

Hey don’t you know we’ve got a water shortage? Peter Beattie announced earlier this week that from now on all Sherdie’s can only have cold showers. I believe that includes you.Cold water makes you shower for less time and saves water for other, non-Sherdie people.Boy is this comment going to make me popular.

11 08 2006

*hands Bonestorm a cup and a cricket mask* I do believe you’ll be needing these Stormie.Hot water showers are essential for normal mental function. His Premierness by all means can cut the the hot-water Sherdie pipeline but I do believe we can all expecting avenging wrath of the Armageddon variety 😉

13 08 2006

I have sympathy with the bonestorm position – but I recognise the futility of this position. The BCC sends me little missives about your water usage. I trust that the levels will get back to average for the area – after you all thaw out of course.

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