Gig review: The Gin Club & Bluebottle Kiss at the Rev

13 08 2006

I accidentally on purpose ended up at the Rev on Friday night watching The Gin Club, followed by Bluebottle Kiss, which was an excellent decision on my part.

I had been lurking about the Ekka looking at the bright lights and fried food after finishing the exciting thing I was doing there; caught most of Bob Evans (very good) but I could not be fucked waiting for Little Birdy. Caught up with the usual suspects in the Valley. They were well into the evening, which was amusing-slash-like herding cats. I conceded a pizza stop and managed to distract them from the allure of 2-for-1 drinks at the Beat long enough to get to the door of the Rev. Once there, twirling fairy lights and twanging noises of guitars did the rest.

The first beer of the evening was sweet, cutting through the film of dust and fairy floss and making me start to forget how tired I was. Apologies to An Horse, who was apparently quite good – CFPman was certainly engrossed and a wee bit burbly in his raving about her. We arrived in time to catch the end of her set, but I really wasn’t paying attention at that point, being more interested in sitting down and having a mini-sook to myself about long days and sore feet.

Happily my coffee kicked in as the twangy rolling maul that is the Gin Club started. Happily for me, because I doubt I’ve ever seen a better looking band. Gigpig knows all about my problems with lead singer phenomenon,* but I’ve never developed an instant crush on an entire band before. Maybe it was because there was no lead singer. They swapped instruments and roles around like it was a swingers party with extra mdma on the side. And they were good. Despite being clearly as smashed as crabs. Folk/countryish but think Iron & Wine with a bit more energy rather than Dwight Yoakam. Many different instruments. Which they can all play. And sing. While drunk. Bastards.

I know how you all feel about crappy phone pics, so here’s the many members of the Gin Club in all their boot-wearing, unshaven, instrument swapping glory.

The guy in the black shirt on the right hand side is bending down to get another beer; he got the vote for most smashed as well as an honourable mention for wearing a scarf with a tshirt.

Before Bluebottle Kiss came on, my camera for the evening had to go home to bed, so there will be no crappy phone pics of them. Which is a shame, because they looked great, all suited up and funky-like. I’m a sucker for men in bands wearing suits. This is odd because I’m not so fussed about men in suits per se, so all I can deduce from that is that I am a band whore. Anyway, while we all recover from the shock of that revelation, let’s move on to the music.

In my head, Bluebottle Kiss are filed under Should Be Famous. They’re one of those bands that has been doing good things for ages. Ounce of Your Cruelty, from a few years ago, is in my top however-many songs of all time. Having said that, I’ve never bought any of their albums, so maybe I’m part of the problem. They’re on the fringes of your general indie-rock-type sound; by fringe I mean the interesting edges of something I like quite a lot even in the centre. Often I’m too lazy to be interesting though, so I miss things that I would have enjoyed but I was too busy listening to Dry for the 50 millionth time. And it takes a wonderful live music moment to shake some sense into me.

I didn’t know much of the stuff they played. I thought they were fantastic nonetheless, which means they were pretty fucking good, because I’m the kinda girl that likes to sing along. CFPman developed a crush on one of the backing singer quartet, or possibly all of them – I can’t quite remember. There was a banjo, and a xylophone, and a rotating roster of thirteen band members filing on and off stage at any given moment. The crowd as a whole was entranced, enthralled, enamoured and entertained. The band obviously loved what they were doing, and it was amazing to be a part of that.

Maybe I’ll go and buy their album this week.

EDIT: Apparently I forgot to mention there were lots of sound issues and feedback. It’s true, there was. Wasn’t such a huge issue. I generally like it when bands actually sound live, rather than an exact reproduction of their recorded music. ARE YOU LISTENING, EVERMORE?

* It’s pretty self-explanatory, but basically, the attractiveness of almost any man is multiplied many many times when he is on stage (guitar optional but useful). Cases in point, Tex Perkins, Kav from Eskimo Joe, Tim Rogers. I am assured this works for women as well. Cue comment from B about Adalita.




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14 08 2006

Sounds like quite a night. I was playing World of Warcraft at the time. Yes, I have no life.I do play guitar though and have dreams of being ogled over by hot girlies such as yourself.

14 08 2006

hehe you’re also becoming quite the gig whore 🙂 Yay for live acts! Both bands sound great and, just on the strength of your reviews, I’ll even see about buying some albums.And yes, only a phallic-guitar and a stage would make Tim Rogers sexy. He’s deefinitely a sexy, sexy man but if I passed him on the street, I’d be more inclined to think he was trying to sell me a copy of the Big Issue 😛

14 08 2006

‘Eskimo Joe Came to Canberra on the Weekend’- A short story by GigPig*.Eskimo Joe came to Canberra. On a Friday night. Once I got over the shock of someone that most would consider mildly famous coming here on the weekend, it was grand. *This is not likely to end up a slightly famous story, unlike the Artic Monkeys thing, as it is a) not very comprehensive and b) about a band that is losing credibility as its songs are more frequently played on commercial radio**.

14 08 2006

**Commercial radio is the bane of my existence. As this is not my blog, I am actively trying to reduce the number of rants I go on so I won’t elaborate.

14 08 2006

I’m a hot girlie? Excellent.*adds lines to resume*And I spent a large chunk of Saturday playing Singstar and Guitar Hero (hungover as shit), which totally makes me cool. Boff, I like that you think I wasn’t a gig whore before. Getting tired of seeing bands on Wednesdays was #7 of my reasons to leave Canberra. At least now I have the option to whore on weekends. GP… Comments are all about the ranting. Go on. You know you want to.

14 08 2006

Assigment due and Top Gear is on soon so I must be brief.1. Adalita is just hot. Full stop.2. Beer.3. Great, downbeat, would-be-good-on-a Sunday-arvo-not-a-Friday-night music.4. Length of set of the Gin Club (you are a support band, fercries).5. I went home early and missed Bluebbottle Kiss. For reasons please see points 2 through 4.Kind regards,Phone camera

14 08 2006

Since I have been personally invited to rant there is no chance I can walk away. ‘Today’s Rants’-Another short story by GigPigThings that I hate almost as much as Amanda Vanstone (Monday 14 August- the list changes most days)1.Commercial radio- for torturing people everywhere and because it allows my former boss to continue to believe that her extreme conservatism, at the age of 26, was normal. 2.Independent Real Estate Civic, Canberra (yes, I am referring to YOU)- for their extreme levels of disorganization and incompetence on every level, further demonstrated today by their admission that they had not charged us for 5 days rent. Two and a half years ago. And then demanding immediate payment. I hate these Barbies almost as much as the recruitment bimbos. Almost.

14 08 2006

rant on gigpig, love it.& yay for gig whores, & those who strive to become one.

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