Ekka day

16 08 2006

Woke up a bit hungover following a random night out involving SOOBiesta fun, beer and, towards the end of the evening, karaoke.

One downright weird moment:
Man walks past behind me and runs his fingers through my hair. Then he winks and says, “Nice hair.” Wtf? Firstly, ow! I have reasonably long, kinda tangly hair and I’m fairly sure he walked away with some of it wrapped around his fingers. Secondly, ew. For some reason it was more intrusive than your standard bum grab.

So I punched him in the face.

Anyway, today is a public holiday, and I spent much of the day lying on a blanket in the park eating bbq chook, reading magazines and swinging on the swings. Glorious day for lounging about, a light breeze, clear skies, cool enough in the shade for a long-sleeved shirt.

So thanks, Ekka, if for nothing else than the day off. Even better, it feels like Sunday, but Spicks and Specks is on.




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16 08 2006

Amanda should’ve bitten the bullet and done the literal drawing for Great Balls of Fire :)Hope you had some Ekka fun but you’re right: wtf??! The Thin Man was a stupid plot device and he’s no better in a reality manifestation 😛 And lord knows men don’t need another option to perpetuate personal space breaches 😛

17 08 2006

Hahaha you punched him? Tell me you video phoned this momentAnd rofl Madame Boffin… the Thin Man… that’s exactly what I thought.

17 08 2006

Canberra is debating whether or not to give ourselves another public holiday on Melbourne Cup day. Yippee! The email address to tell people that you want another holiday in order to get pissed on Melbourne Cup Day is: industrialrelations@act.gov.au

17 08 2006

And what part of Canberra is in Victoria, precisely? At least have it for something vaguely local! It’s like when North Melbourne started claiming they were the “Canberra team”. Canberra’s not North Melbourne. If anything, it’s South Sydney. Or maybe East Queanbeyan. Jeez. Have some local pride. Anyway, if you had another public holiday people would just use it to go to the coast, or the snow, or Sydney, or anywhere that isn’t the ACT. No, sadly I didn’t punch him. Piss and wind, that’s me. I gave him my foulest look and wished diseases on his genitalia, but as a general rule I am not brave/silly/angry enough to punch people in the face. Dammit. Stupid Thin Man (I like it, btw)…Ekka was fun, although I am happy I wasn’t part of the 100,000 people that went yesterday! Can you imagine?

17 08 2006

He deserved a punch. Although am kinda glad you didn’t – punching people in the pub opens up a whole can of ugly worms.V. envious of your public holiday activites, sounds like a divine way to spend a sunny day.

18 08 2006

The Ekka was nominated for the Friday Fuckwit this morning for having really atrocious tomato sauce.. Just thought you should know..

20 08 2006

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