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22 08 2006

So, hanging around the internerd for a while, one comes across some useful thingamies. Thought I’d share the knowledge.

Web-based collaborative editor by the kids from 37 Signals. You set one up and email people to join and they can all access, edit and comment on things. Currently using it as a discussion board with some other peeps as it met all the specs – free, web-based, password access and very simple to use. I haven’t tried Google’s recently (re)released Writely yet, but it seems to be a similar thing with more functions. If it’s good, I’ll probaby switch over. I’m a fickle beast.

Web-based to-do list manager. It’s green. It’s simple and easy to use. I use it for exciting things like “pay phone bill” and “get tickets for Friday”. I used to use Remember the Milk, but it had a few too many bells and whistles for what I wanted to do. I have a diary to manage the bigger picture stuff (although clearly that doesn’t help me remember it all) and I just needed something that I could jot things down on during the day at work and look at again at home, and vice versa, and wasn’t a piece of paper that vanished into the gaping maw of my bag never to be seen again. I also like Ta-da list, but on Orchestrate you can see all your lists at once, which pleases me. I’ve got one for general stuff, one for blog ideas, one for music to get, etc. Although I did like the “share” function on Ta-da list.

Web-based feed aggregator. Blogging has its addictive little claws into me and Bloglines gives me a way to read all the blogs I regularly read (somewhere around 50) without spending my entire life on the net. And also, (shhhh!) a way to read them at work when access to some of the actual sites may be blocked.

Firefox Extensions
I’m a convert to Mozilla, and particularly Firefox, in a mad-light-in-the-eyes zealot way. The thing I love most about it is the extensions. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because people are creating these little extensions and giving them to everyone else just to make their lives a bit better. Or in the vain hope they will get chicks. Either way, it does make my life better. There are so many different ones, but here’s a couple of my favourites:
My Morning Coffee: Set it up and then with one click you can open all your ‘usual’ sites in tabs. I’m a creature of habit, so I love this one.
Customize Google: Try using Google without it once you’ve used it for a while and you will wonder how you ever survived without it. Three best things it does for me: filters for search results, removes ads, and anonymises my Google ID.

That’s all I got for now. Go forth and be efficient.




6 responses

22 08 2006

I always know I can come to you for little pearls of internet wisdom which I would never, ever know otherwise. I am such an internet klutz.

22 08 2006

mental note to self – become less of an internet klutz (technology klutz really) & more like Sherd & internerd efficient. Thanks Sherdsta. & I still haven’t worked out the H10 business, one day, one day…

22 08 2006

Neeerrrrdddd!!!!!!P.S do like the mozilla extentions though, especially Pimp Zilla.

23 08 2006

I’m now using Orchestrate. Good stuff. You may be a nerd, but you’re my kinda nerd.

23 08 2006

Hurrah! I’m the (self-proclaimed) Wise Nerd of the South(-East Qld)!*rests on laurels*Bonestorm, yongfook’s (the guy that made Orchestrate) blog is pretty funny as well, if a little, how to put this, obsessed with the (small) size of his own penis.

7 12 2006

For your on-line lists you might want to look into is light-weight and intuitive with some real useful features such as the capability to organize your list items with categories, capability to tag and search your lists, list ‘save-as’, list sharing and lots more.

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