25 08 2006

The Baach on:

Canberra: When I lived in Canberra, I didn’t like it so much because I became a bit of a square.* I think everyone in Canberra is a square. It’s square city.

My lack of a husband: You don’t need a husband, you’ve got an education. That’s much better.

Boyfriends: I don’t want a boyfriend. I have the memory of your grandfather in my heart and that’s all I need. Be nice to have someone to lift things though.

Old men: I don’t want to go out with an old man. I mean, they’re old. And they get sick, and then you have to look after them. What a hassle! I think I’ll get a fish.

My little black dress: You look so adult! You know, of all of my grand-daughters, you are the oldest one.** And look at your waist. It goes shoop-shoop. Shoop-shoop.***

The date of her first great-grandchild’s birthday: It’s easy to remember because it’s the same day Nicole Kidman married that nice singer man.

Having a great-grandchild: When men asked me out, I used to say, “I have ten grandchildren!” to make them go away. Now I can say “I have great-grandchildren.” It’s great! I can’t wait to go on the next cruise so I can try it.

Anyway, that happen.

* She means this as in, hey, peace, don’t be a square, man, it’s the Age of Aquarius. I blame my mother for teaching her hippie slang in the sixties and then never updating it.
** Factually correct.
*** It’s in his kiss?




5 responses

26 08 2006

Anyway zatsa happen! is the correct usage

26 08 2006

was the lbd for a date?

27 08 2006

Hush, anon, for shame! There will be none of that talk here.

28 08 2006

You are such a goodie one.

29 08 2006

Canberra’s not a square city. All the roads go round in circles. It’s the perfect place for politicians and bureaucrats.

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