It’s the first of Spring!

1 09 2006

The danger of being around law-talking types is conversations like the following:

Person A: A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no returns of any kind!

Person B: Except of course for your statutory right to return an item if it’s faulty.

Persons A and B: Hur hur hurr…

It’s the first of Spring and I am moved to ask – what other little ditties do you know? We used to always have “a hit and a kick for being so quick”, and being a little sister I know well the refrain “a punch and a slap for talking such crap”. What else is out there?

Also, what the hell does “white rabbit” mean and why does it protect you from random acts of violence?




8 responses

1 09 2006

YIPPEEE!!! The frozen tundra is no more!!As the older sister, I generally went with ‘fuck off’ followed by a king hit. There was no need for rhyming.

1 09 2006

Re Person A & B: ROFLMAO. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious 😀 What a bunch of geeks *chuckle*Re white rabbit. Ahh, The Sacred Law of the White Rabbit. This Law has been enacted since pre-civilisation (read pre-1987 when I started primary school). The theory is that by calling on the holy White Rabbit you create a invisible yet impermeable shield of force surrounding your body that no jammy-fingered, snotty-nosed compadre (remember, we’re in primary school) can violate.If any violation does occur, that person’s dignity (and arm) is forfeit and feel free to beat black and blue until your heart’s content.*sigh* I miss primary school

1 09 2006

I used to say “a slap and a pinch for being a bitch” – but I did go to an all girl’s school. Doesn’t quite ryhme, but it’s the sentiment that’s important.Actually, I didn’t used to say it – I probably still would if anyone were to “pinch and punch” me.

1 09 2006

Note to self: use white rabbit as a precautionary measure at all times within slapping distance of miff.

1 09 2006

I plan to run with it as a public announcement when anywhere within the Melbourne city limits. Just. In. Case.

4 09 2006

I don’t take too much notice of the sentiment expressed at the time. I take more pleasure from actually whacking the person in question. Sometimes I just mumble something incoherent as I crack them across the jaw, welcoming them to the new month.

8 10 2006

Just been referred here by Mike Fitz.My kids have been doing “pinch and a punch for th fist of the month”. Mainly because Mrs Dump and I do it :-)However, its all come to an end when the youngest did it at school. One of the other kids replied “And a kick in the dick for being so quick” – with an appropriately administered kick.This led to MY son being put on detention for starting a fight!!!

31 10 2006

Ah, ashleigh, welcome! It seems a bit harsh for your son to bear the brunt of a tradition stretching back (apparently) millenia… unless he was somehow taking the bonestorm route that is.

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