5 09 2006

A busy weekend has led to a gentle ache in the liver area, a blister on my foot and a spectacular bruise on my leg. That was from attempting to slide down the bannister, forgetting about the jutting wall section about halfway down. Which meant that I’d gathered reasonable speed before I hit. I bruise very easily, as you’d expect from such a delicate flower, but I’m impressed by the intensity of tone and hue in this one. There’s even some horizontal lines across it, made by the edge of the tiles, I presume.

Anyway, for that and other reasons, Saturday night was not a night full of actions I’m proud of. I spent the part of Sunday I wasn’t asleep, and large chunks of Monday, feeling awkward, immature, and generally embarrassed by my lack of physical and social grace.

Happily, Mr Kettle is in town for some sort of clever-person business, and I was able to lure him away from his stuffy function with the promise of beer and the chance to buy me dinner. We just spent the best part of the evening nattering away about everything under the sun, fixed most of the world’s problems, and had some damn fine food to boot.

Even better, he’s going to come to trivia tomorrow night and help us recover from our abysmal trouncing last week. Life, while not always peachy, has a strange way of working out.




3 responses

6 09 2006

You slide down bannisters? Well you’ve certainly got some pep there kiddo.Glad to hear the weekend was good. 🙂

6 09 2006

A bruise with lines through it is surely a sign of some type of grace. Or at least some kind of artistic ability..

7 09 2006

You should photograph that bruise for posterity 🙂

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