Why I love my housemates

12 09 2006

They are going to Melbourne for the weekend for their anniversary.

Their enthusiasm about it is contagious.

They both find it disorienting that the boy and girl streets are not on a grid.

How the hell do people find their way around?

And what’s with the Little Streets? Did they run out of names? They’re not even next to each other!

They’ve made four separate spreadsheets listing pubs, restaurants, shops selling cute things and shops selling records so they won’t miss out on any of the ones they want to go to.

B spent a chunk of time printing spreadsheets, maps, wiki entries and random things, making a special cover from a photo of the two of them, and binding it.

They are so in love it makes me hopeful for the future of the world.

They’re mostly excited to be spending the weekend discovering new things together. They could be going anywhere.

I suspect they will spend the entire weekend in the hotel ordering room service and having dirty monkey sex.




11 responses

12 09 2006

No time for ‘dirty monkey sex’ there’s many a shop to visit and beer to drink! And anyway at least we haven’t been running around the house pulling stupid sideways, arms in the air stances, pretending to be able to snowboard!!So there!!!P.S Miff where do you get those cute little teaa cups shaped like hearts? I think I’ll be needing me some of those.

12 09 2006

toucheheh hehyou said dirty monkey sex

13 09 2006

good to know I’m not the only one running around my house pulling sideways stances!we’re so gonna carve it up!

13 09 2006

I love Melbourne, it’s a great place. I love dirty monkey sex too, so I enjoyed this post on many levels.

13 09 2006

K – cute cups I bought were on Brunswick St at a shop called Harem, but I’m not sure if they still have them in stock.Go to Harem anyway – it is pretty and spakly and full of funky and lovely things.

13 09 2006

i hate to be all, like, tetchy and stuff, and i’m not down on love or anything, i fully love love, but i wish la sherd was coming, so i could, um, study and admire her in person. she sounds ace.*twirls hair*

13 09 2006

*gazes south adoringly*We should totally start up some sort of mutual admiration society.

13 09 2006

awwww people in love! Nice to see it’s still floating around 🙂

14 09 2006

To B and K-Here is a short list of things I learnt when in Melbourne:a) the tram goes much further out than you would expect; b) the locals are not terribly familiar with the streets in the inner city, especially if they are drinking in a pub at the end of the tram line; and c) it is less foolish to just call a cab than to drunkenly stagger about for several hours, searching in vain for your hotel.

14 09 2006

Duly noted Gigpig. Thanks for the pointers. Though you know B well enough to know that there will be much drunken staggering and very little catching of cabs!

15 09 2006

“Drunken staggering with B- Why I No Longer Wear Heels”- A short story by K. Maybe a map would be a good back up plan!!

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