Nearly rooned

14 09 2006

Nervous moments yesterday and today with my employment contract up for renewal. Last week it wasn’t an issue, but in a twist that feels karmic, yesterday morning brought some unexpected budget cuts and my inner Hanrahan started working overtime. My big boss decided that honesty was the best policy and kept me painfully up-to-date on the argy-bargy around getting me re-signed in the face of imminent staff cuts. Visions of dole applications and a return to temp work kept me sleepless and cranky. Getting that signature today shot me into the stratosphere with relief.

Now I am feeling hollow, vague, and whimsical. It’s not a bad feeling. But given the choice between it and a stable source of income, I know which one I’d choose.

Valley Fiesta is on this weekend. I’ll be there with plaits in my hair (not really, it just rhymes). I’m excited about seeing the Gurge – they are always so much fun (and I’ve had a crush on Quan ever since I was a little tacker) and about the smorgasboard of free music in general. I’m going to check out the Rocketsmiths again too, on the basis that maybe they (or I) were having an off night. Plus it’s free. I’ll let you know how that goes.




3 responses

15 09 2006

you didn’t sign your life AWA, did you?**if you thought socialist street theatre was bad, cop a load of our puns…

15 09 2006

HEHEHE..I suspect that I am way too easily amused. Although since my ‘that’s actually quite funny’ thought was followed by a ‘socialist street theatre? I have finally found my creative outlet!’ thought, I suspect that too much coffee is the genuine problem here.

16 09 2006

Ah, puntastic.* No, the union is strong in this one. I will never go over to the dark side. [raises fist in solidarity]* did you see what I did there?

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