16 09 2006

If the work-related stomach churning was karmically induced, I must have done something to swing the karmic wheel around. I’m so full of joy right now there is a chance I will explode.

In reverse chronological order:

Tomorrow morning I will board a plane, meet the intrepid Lan in Synney, and wind up in the Land of the Long White Slopes. Whereupon we shall strap our feet to flat boards and hurl ourselves down mountains in ways that make our respective mothers very nervous. It will be, not to put too fine a point on it, fucking awesome.

Tonight I shall go and make calf eyes at Tex-is-Sex Perkins at the Valley Fiesta. He won’t notice, of course, being accustomed to making young ladies all over the country swoon on a regular basis.

Today I’ve spent talking to people I love, gathering snowboarding related items for a growing pile on the loungeroom floor, playing with the verandah garden, buying flowers and champagne, and dancing around the loungeroom in a manner not unlike Peter Garrett. The pile has reached critical mass now and the dancing has relocated to the kitchen – just until I finish the culling and packing process.

Last night the Gurge were all that I remembered they were, which is to say, wonderful. Which topped off an evening that began with a text from B in Melbourne saying “She said yes.” Which made me grin and bounce around the pub in such a way that my friends became a little concerned. Until I broke the news my lovely brother and his beautiful girlfriend will be getting married at some stage in the future. At which point there was general rejoicing and buying of drinks. Congratulations, you crazy kids.




4 responses

16 09 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

I do hope you have a wonderful time on the slopes.*dreams of “next year”*

16 09 2006

Sherdie, May you leap for joy and meet the earth at just the right angle!

18 09 2006

Go team weddings! And to think it happened in my town… Love is in the air! doo doo doooo, doo doo doooo (that makes a tune in my head, but maybe not in writing).

21 09 2006

Wow! I’m glad I decided to look at your blog coz Wow! Ad is engaged! Wow and she is nice! Wow! sometimes it does work hey.and on you on the slopes – be bloody careful chicky! That was the reason I checked your blog coz hadn’t heard anything…

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