D’ya miss me?

27 09 2006

I’m back. But a little too traumatised by the shock of being back at work to have words in any sort of order for you just yet.

Here’s a few random ones for the moment.

Shiny blue helmet
Vanilla vodka

Watch this space.




7 responses

27 09 2006

I wanna shiny blue helmet & some vanilla vodka!!& Ollie sounds nice too, was he cute? 😉

27 09 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

I’d just like to say, I’m envious as hell. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be skiing in your sleep for a week or so … which should mitigate the shock of going back to work somewhat.

27 09 2006
Russell Allen

Shiny blue helmets should be mandatory. That is all.Oh…anyone else to Parklife? Tis gonna be a good one

28 09 2006

what about less-shiny red boots?Hurrah!!!!!

28 09 2006

In my sleep? I was trying to carve down George St this morning because walking was too slow! I fear it shall take me some time to re-adjust…Russell, we have a few going along. A posse, if you will. Well, not really, but more than four and less than 10. Does that count as a posse?lan, it may sound obvious, but… not to forget about shiny red helmets either!!

28 09 2006

HOORAY! she’s back! *does strange but not at all creepy celebration jig*i eagerly await news of your magical snowy adventures. i’ve never been skiing, which i weird because in every other way i’m thoroughly middle class. it just seems too………intrepid.p.s. here is my word association for your list:puffroaststackhatle Rouxbatterskittleschaser

28 09 2006
Russell Allen

Well a posse technically can be any number. So you’ve definitely got a posse going.I thought I only was going with a couple of friends but when I count them there’s 12. Allen’s Twelve but with less attractive bit players. PS… I would kill to hear The Stanton Warriors again. And I will if some knob gets in the way.

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