I’m tired

6 10 2006

I can’t seem to shake this exhaustion clouding up my brain since last week. Work has ramped up a gear and my constant fug of tired and slightly cranky isn’t helping me get things done. Looking forward to Sunday, when I have nothing to do and nowhere to be. Current plans are to sleep til lunchtime, do some washing, have a nap, and then go to bed.

I’m rendered speechless and self-absorbed by life in general.

Whenever I look outside, I’m rendered speechless by the news.

Townsfolk dance as molester’s home burns
Girls charged with torturing disabled boy
Bishop plans education takeover

Did the world go mad when I wasn’t watching?

At least it’s Friday.




5 responses

6 10 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

Julie Bishop: another fine example of why I gave up teaching.May you sleep the sleep of the just, Sherd.

7 10 2006

Well enjoy your snooze and hopefully nothing else bad happens while your sleeping.

9 10 2006

Hope you had a relaxing weekend. I really wanted to relax but it didn’t happen… maybe next weekend.

9 10 2006

Thanks all – Sunday, as planned, slept in, then lay on the couch, then had a nap, saw a movie, had a delicious dinner, and was in bed (and asleep) by 10. Life is sweet.

11 10 2006

Townsfolk dance as molester’s home burns – fantastic. I should read the news more.Brings a warm (sorry about the pun) feeling to my heart

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