17 10 2006

Back from a weekend in ONC* with some beautiful memories and some hefty bags under my eyes. Three nights of sleeping on couches will do that to a girl.

I packed a lot in to those 72 hours. In the interests of brevity, here’s a sketch of the weekend by suburb/venue (activity):
Aiport (hello)
Watson (dinner)
Trinity (wine)
Watson (sleeping on Happy House couch)
Watson (Chicks house cups of tea)
O’Connor (baking and more cups of tea)
Queanbeyan (baby shower)
All Bar (dinner and nostalgia for the good ol’ days when it was less crap)
O’Connor (sleeping on Doreen the couch)
O’Connor (breakfast)
Essen (brunch)
The Hive (pure consumerist bliss)
Watson (hair straightening and champagne)
Forrest (wedding ceremony)
Manuka (last minute card buying)
Parkes (reception)
Watson (sleeping on Chicks house most-comfortable sofa bed in the world)
Essen (breakfast)
Phu Quoc in Dickson (pho)
Tilley’s (hot chocolate)
Airport (goodbye)

The ‘berra had the slipping-into-a-warm-bath familiarity of eight years of my life. I spent three days reminding myself the last ten months were not a dream, I wasn’t about to stroll home from Trinity to that big creaky house on the corner, or climb steep office stairs for a cup of tea with the Duckherder and Mr Kettle. Not that it was a bad feeling; I often miss the frosty city, or more to the point, those who sail in her, with an aching pull that makes it hard to breathe.

But you know, I’ve spent my life gathering people I miss. It’s how it’s been forever; the people I love will never all be in the same place at the same time. And coming back to this place, at this time, was a relief. Nice to be warm. Nice to sleep in a bed; even the most comfortable sofa bed in the world is still a sofa bed. Nicest of all to feel a sense of coming home when the twinkly lights of Brisvegas showed through the plane window.

* Our Nation’s Capital




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17 10 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

We had the same title for our blog posts today (but a different type of home, and not well written, so don’t bother to look). I rather like Canberra, providing I’m safe in the knowledge that I’ll only be passing through it while on my way somewhere more “natural”.

18 10 2006

Give in to the warm bath!! We are much cooler than some twinkley-lights:)

18 10 2006

..an aching pull that makes it hard to breathe… nail on the head sherd, the screen is going fuzzy for the tearing up..

19 10 2006

it’s strange – i left brisbane for melbourne, and felt like i’d found my home the moment i arrived. i avoid going back to brisbane assiduously, as growing up there means i can never share in the excitement that people are feeling about its changed nature. i’m sure it’s much better now, but the old brisbane is the one i still feel when i’m there. of course, it’s all in my head. the “old” brisbane is just the memory of suffocating in the teenage years. when you said “an aching pull that makes it hard to breathe”, i felt utter recognition, but the pull is always for melbourne when i’m in the sunshine state.I AM OFFICIALLY EMO.happy you’re home, sherd, wherever that may be…

19 10 2006

*wipes tear from eye* awwww. I’m glad Brisbane can be a home for you 🙂 And wow – that’s a whole lot of suburbs for 72 hours. Bravo!

24 10 2006
That Guy

…yeah mate, feelin that one…sounds like some of my old mission journeys…guess at the mo I’m wondering if I’d feel that way if I moved back to Schmelbs….anyway, ‘aching pull’, ‘warm bath’…love it!…

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