If I was a crocodile

27 10 2006

I’d live on Elizabeth Street, under the coloured glass tiles, and enjoy multicoloured sunlight and sneaking into Skinny’s after everyone else had gone home.

I’d feast on the fat herds of office workers that roam up and down George Street. Up the hill in the morning, down the hill in the afternoon, looking important, waiting for the green man – that’s when I’d strike.

For variety I’d go for the occasional QUT student. They say lean red meat is good for the heart.

Then I would cry some crocodile tears (to keep up appearances, natch) and go back to reading my Big Issue.

What a sweet life it would be.




7 responses

30 10 2006

If I was a Queenslander it would only be 730 and not 830.. and I would be at home and in bed.

30 10 2006

I am in Queensland and I seem to be at work. I would much rather be in bed.

30 10 2006

You mean you wouldn’t go and live at Australia Zoo? I hear that Croc’s rule there…

30 10 2006

Do the crocodiles get to sleep in at the Australia Zoo? I think this is an important consideration when debating whether to live there or not.

30 10 2006

No, no. I think it’s now elephants in charge at the Australia Zoo- and they never forget.The stingrays appear to be making a grab for power, as well.

31 10 2006

Crazy sleep-deprived people. Heart me, for I am your leader.

2 11 2006

The crocodile I sit very near is called Simmo & he needs a new home. Maybe I could send him to Elizabeth Street, I think he’d like it there.

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