Whingeing Sherd

31 10 2006

I’ve got sharp, pointy deadlines hurtling towards me at the moment, so I’ve been clocking up the flex like it’s going out of style. And I’ve decided working all the time makes you boring. Or, more to the point, makes me boring. To other people, to myself, in real life, in virtual reality, boring boring boring.

When my brain is thinking the good thoughts, they are about work. By the time I get around to my own thoughts, I am overtaken by somnolence. Over the weekend, when I wasn’t working or thinking about work, I only wanted to be asleep.

Yeah, I know, it’s tough being a grown up, boo-fucking-hoo, call the wahmbulance. And usually I’d just have another coffee, suck it up and get on with it. But this weekend saw my attendance at THE ROCK & ROLL WEDDING OF THE YEAR. Quick explanation (in dot points, because, let’s face it, my writing ain’t up to much today):

– Beautiful wedding for incredibly lovely couple. Honoured to be asked to attend.
– At the Troubadour in the Valley. They had the ceremony on the stage. Then they opened the bar.
– After the speeches they had an open mic. Darren Hanlon popped up and did a few songs.
– After the open mic there was dancing. There were boys, and champagne, and a limbo stick.

What’s my issue? Why am I whingeing like a big, sooky whinger?

What was I fucking thinking about? What thoughts were running through my little brain?

Man, I’m tired. Oh, there’s that guy I met at the breakfast the other week. He was really nice, and funny, and interesting. Go up and say hi. Go up and say… um… what do I say? What do I say? Think, think! … Hmmm, if I moved that part to the start of the section and included the other information as a table instead of text, it would make that point much stronger, and support the message about … fuck! Now that horse-faced girl is talking to him. They’re dancing together! They’re kissing! … Ack, who am I kidding. I’m too tired to really care. Pass the champagne.

In other news, I am also too tired* to do justice to the Stern report/fucktard federal government. And I’m working all this coming weekend, too, so I hope you can survive without ranting from this general direction for a little while. Just briefly, though, I’m thinking of building an Ark. Any takers?

Finally, Miff, I’m thinking of you and yours, my lovely.

* what a sook, eh?




9 responses

31 10 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

“Frankel et al. (2002) studied the relationship between auditor fees and earnings management, specifically with respect to fees obtained through nonaudit services. They note …”That was October for me in a nutshell. At least you get to be a grown up … horse-face doesn’t even look at me twice.

31 10 2006

that’s funny – there was a rock ‘n’ roll wedding par excellence here this weekend too. dave the scot and his missus tied the knot and had their reception at the tote! natch.sherd, can i just say? i, for one, feel better knowing there are such good eggs working in policy. obviously, you are dedicated to doing your job exceedingly well and it consumes you from time to time. it won’t always. these things ebb and flow. just like interest from/in cute boys. and besides, anyone who would settle for horseface when you were in the room is clearly a dill.p.s. save me a spot on the giant boat.

31 10 2006

Hope work becomes less crazy for you soon!Wedding sounded like a blast though :)and ditto mskp

1 11 2006

After the weekend I’ve had (actually, more like week) I’ll happily take a spot on the boat, as long as you can promise my family won’t come to stay!And thanks for the lovely thoughts Sherdie! Am soooo exhausted.

1 11 2006

Having been plunged back into the land of trained monkey work, I, too, am trying to ban all thoughts of work and work-related topics from my head. Unless they are of the ‘where WOULD I like to work?’ nature.

1 11 2006
Little Mr Square Eyes

Wouldn’t be too hard on yourself about feeling lethargic. Numerous cases of spontaneous narcolepsy can be traced back to a Darren Hanlon performance.

1 11 2006

I feel like a grown-up good-egg supportive non-trained-monkey with a very good excuse for catnapping under the desk. You all rock. You can all have your own cabins on the ark.

2 11 2006

totally feel your pain sooky-la-la.Can I please do all the baking on the ark High Tea style?

2 11 2006

yes. yes you can.

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