Guide to moving cities part II

12 11 2006

Man, when I get on the pity train, I ride in style, no? Sorry, Mum. Didn’t mean to make you worry. Surely you know I like a good, solid wallow in self-pity as much as the next person? Anyway, am back to blithely optimistic and whatnot after a weekend with the right balance of sleep, naps, sunshine and random adventures.

Also, I’ve just had a fabulous day because I’m not at liberty to say thanks anyway have a nice day, suffice to say things are goin’ good (no, I haven’t met a boy, ffs, is that all you people think about?). Which brings me to the title, and something I’ve noticed about moving cities that seems to fit some kind of pattern (*gasp* you mean this is not the first time you’ve moved cities Sherd wtf?): the bit between the six month mark and the one year mark is the toughest.

The novelty’s worn off. Your new city has lost a little of the sparkle it had when you arrived, all bright eyed and ready to take on the world. Things you found charming/unusual/amusing when you arrived now annoy you. By the way did you know that in Queensland, supermarkets close at 5pm on Saturdays? Your new job is just a job. Your neighbourhood is normal, mundane even. It’s all a bit routine.

Which is not to say that I believe in novelty for the sake of itself. Routine can be good, familiarity comforting. But here’s the kicker – familiarity and routine is what you had before, in your old place. And when the novelty wears off and the familiarity sets in, you start to make comparisons. Before, when you had a routine, in that other place, you had friends, places, things that you enjoyed. Now, in your no-longer-so-shiny city, you have the familiarity – but without the same level of familiar. Meanwhile, the bits that were crap, the reasons you ditched that old familiarity for the shiny in the first place, they’ve started to fade into the background.

And this, kids, is when I falter a bit. Doubt creeps in. I get sooky. I discount the good things in front of me because they no longer match up to the now-idealised version of my old life in my head. A couple of years ago at uni in Japan, I spent three days in my tiny cube dorm room staring at the wall and thinking about going back to Australia. I’d been there eight months and another four seemed like eternity. Never mind that I was actually having a fabulous time (this was around the time of the infamous “Embassy” incident, which is on record as one of the most random nights of my life, thanks Gretsky) – somehow that paled into insignificance compared to the call of (shitbox) car, (unfaithful) boyfriend and (cold and frequently grotty) sharehouse.

The good news is, these days it doesn’t take me three days to figure it out. A whiny Friday evening (or a sooky Sunday morning, or a tearful Tuesday afternoon – take your pick) is usually followed by a reminder of the reasons I moved, a reassessment of my life and a realisation that while moving cities sucks arse on occasion, more often than not staying would have sucked even more.

Viva Brisvegas indeed.




4 responses

14 11 2006
That Guy

…there it is….you’ll be right!…

14 11 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

On the other side of the fence, I may just say that I made the choice to “stay” and rather regret it. Ah well, adventure postponed.P.S. Word verification is “leowoos”. Romantic big cat?

14 11 2006

a disclaimer, just for your Ma, I love it.& don’t worry – nobody thinks you’re a whingeing sooky-la-la. You’re a funny eloquent squiffy wingeing sooky-la-la.Hoorah for sleep, naps, sunshine & random adventures, & indeed for Brisvegas itself.

14 11 2006

snf, I’ve stayed when I should have gone and gone when I should have stayed too. And, happily, gone when I should have gone and stayed when I should have stayed as well. There were adventures in all of those situations. Sometimes just not the adventures I yearned for.And a decided lack of mawkish felines as well.albs, sleepy wombats. You are a legend, woman, and your name should be writ large in the sky.

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