Lazy list posting

3 12 2006

Best way to wake up on your birthday: the Baach singing Happy Birthday, opera style, down the phone line.

Meals eaten at home since Wednesday: One.

Amount of birthday calls and messages received: Delightful.

Most amusing one: Gretsky’s “I’m in the pub so I can’t hear anything but I just wanted to say happy birthday. I hope you can hear me. What? No, I can’t hear anything. Talk to you later.”

Hours spent with my darling Miff in the last three days: Not enough.

State of fridge after first Miff’n’Sherd catch-up session: Dry.

Days without hot water, television or internet: Seven.

Level of motivation to do anything about the first two: Quite low.

Level of motivation to do anything about the last one: Quite high.

What this says about me: Some sort of addiction to the net could be posited.




4 responses

3 12 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

Happy Birthday m’dear Sherdie.

4 12 2006

I’m coming to Brisbane soon!!!! Yaaaaaaaay!I should be able to hear you then.

5 12 2006
That Guy

…Heppy Boithday cyberbuddy! Lap up that glorious southern sunshine…

5 12 2006

While I appreciate a healthy internerd addiction, only those living much closer to the equator than I would be in a position to prize a net connection above hot water!!!

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