A cat just walked through my loungeroom

12 12 2006

Odd, because I don’t own a cat. And the front and back doors are closed. But I’ll soldier on regardless.




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12 12 2006

Two years ago I had a blue tongued lizard walk through my lounge room and hide under my Chrissie tree.

12 12 2006

I’m about to have a cat in my loungeroom, new roomie unfortunately comes with feline. But she is a top bird so am willing to put up with feline freind so I don’t have to interview strangers again.I’d rather a blue tongue lizard tho, that’d be awesome.Definitely don’t want the mouse that is currently under my fridge.

12 12 2006

Well at least the cat should sort out the mouse, right?

13 12 2006

here’s hoping!

14 12 2006
Saturday Night Fiver

Cats! Ah-Aa! Saviour of the universe!*puts Queen album away*

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