Friday ramblings

16 12 2006

Here we are, eleventy-seventh night in a row going out or some such. Quick break at home for some victuals and a shoe change between drinking sessions and then once more into the breach, etc. Tis the season for Christmas parties and drinks with people you don’t see all year, and then see briefly, and then spend another year too busy to catch up. Holyshit, we simply MUST see each other in 2006, dahling, it cannot wait until January. Come along, meet everyone I know, oh the merriment… Social sherd, smiling politely with one eye on the beer jug, that’s me.

Cynicism aside, there’s been some wonderful moments in the last couple of weeks, but social schedule plus the crapness that is dial-up has meant I’ve been unable to share them with the world at large. Here’s a rundown:

– I sped past my Brisversary and my blogversary with nary a twitch or a beer hoisted in memento. That other people saw, anyway. In my own little, memorial walks across bridges at sunset followed by a sneaky beer on my front steps way, I celebrated my seismic shifts and was pleased.

– Next city, Melbourne. Probably not any time soon, but I keep meeting such lovely, clever people from there. It was my second choice after Brisbane, and if it hadn’t had winter, it would have been a shoo-in.

– Sometimes a girl just wants to bask in the familiarity and warmth of old friends. Who can drink a terrifying amount of beer. And get all my jokes. After the G&W Brisbane 06 trip, my liver may never be the same. And I will never be able to ask for any condiments again without uncontrollable giggling. Bastards. I love you guys.

…there was more, but now I have to run away. For all my whingeing about wanting a night on the couch, it’s really very nice to be so busy. This time last year I was mostly hot and terrified and wondering exactly how much of a mistake I’d made. Now I’m about to lock the doors to my little abode and strike off into the night for an evening of laughs and dancing.

A final aside: just in case this is the nudge you’ve been waiting for, please go and give blood. I try to give regularly, because I’m such a fucking do-gooder, except I keep doing stupid shit like getting tattoos and being a skinny-veined anaemic slackarse. But really, it’s a non-event in terms of pain and hassle, and helps so many people out. Plus you get all the cheese and bikkies you can shovel into your face in a 20 minute period (note: a lot), and the smug glow that comes with doing something altruistic. And some odd looking marks in your arm that cause your new boss to look at you askance.

Wait, there’s more. If you give blood this week, I’ll include a free link telling you all about the Japanese blood type theory of personality. More accurate than personality typing based on the location of some flaming gaseous objects in space at the time you were born? You be the judge. B-positive. No, not a fucking affirmation. Me and Akira Kurosawa. Don’t know your blood type? Give blood, they’ll sort you out.




2 responses

19 12 2006

I marked your departure from the Crapital of our fine nation with a beer. Actually several. And was sad:(

19 12 2006

*tears up*thanks love.

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