High. Eight. Us.

21 12 2006

The parents are in town, bearing dried mango and sundry other gifts. So, being somewhat dutiful, I’ve arrived at a celebratory pre-Christmas family barbeque to discover still-cold beers on the table, the fan on, and no one home. Luckily I still have keys or I’d be sitting outside in the street roundly cursing my family and their inability to use the telephone. As it stands I’ve taken the opportunity to scoff the brie and use the net until they reappear.

So the blogging will inevitably slow down over next couple of weeks, even more than it has been for the past couple of net-free weeks. But I’ll be back with a vengeance – I’ve given up and got myself broadband for Christmas, so next year will bring shiny goodness and speedy wireless connections yet again.

Meanwhile, I want to share this pic B took with his new DSLR camera on a long exposure, which makes the light look beautiful and neatly fuzzes our features out.

It’s from my birthday night, when we all made it back to my little house, and had some tipsy shenanigans and random adventures. The thing I love most about this photo is the sky – it really looked like that, purple and roiling and dramatic.

See ya next year.




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