12 01 2007

Occasionally I’ll come across things that make me miss Japan and think about moving back there. Today there were two.

The first is the time of year. There’s special food served in Japan at New Years called osechi and I’m craving kuromame, which is sweet black beans, and kurikinton, a sweet potato and chestnut thing that looks a little like baby poo but is tasty nonetheless. Still, I picked up some mochi down the Coast (made by the rabbit in the moon, duh), which I pop under the grill for a few minutes until it puffs up and gets a bit crispy on the outside and then wrap with nori and dip in soy sauce and stuff my face with and fall into a carbohydrate stupor.


The second is this, from the Mainichi news:

TV program introducing natto as diet food sparks buying frenzy

A television program claiming that natto, a strong-smelling food made from fermented soybeans, could help people lose weight has sparked a buying frenzy across the country, causing some manufacturers to run out of the product.

Manufacturers are trying to boost their supplies, but shortages reportedly remain widespread, and some manufacturers have even taken out newspaper ads apologizing for the shortages.

An official at one food manufacturer didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

“I want to describe this as trouble that we’re actually happy about, but we’re causing trouble for consumers and can’t stay happy,” the official said.

I think what tickled me so much was the last paragraph. I can just imagine the meeting.

“Holy shit, we’re selling out of natto! We’re selling it so fast we’re running out!”
“What about the people that want to buy it but can’t? OH NO! HOW AWFUL FOR THEM! OH THE HUMANITY!”
“We’d better take out some ads to apologise for how bad we are at anticipating completely unexpected demand spikes, stat!”
“Oh, I’m so depressed. All those unfulfilled customers…”

On an completely unrelated note, I have some natto in my fridge that I’m considering putting on ebay.

Does that make me a bad person?




6 responses

11 01 2007

Sell it to the highest bidder. I don’t care how skinny it makes you, it stinks!!

11 01 2007

P.S Happy now? Now back to lurking!

12 01 2007

I just like how they don’t know whether to be happy or sad. There’s not enough talk about happiness and sadness in Australian manufacturing – it’s all profits and production targets. Bring emotion back, I say.

12 01 2007
Gimme Mochi!

OI! Don’t eat all the bloody mochi you gutso.I notice you coveniently forgot about it on OC night…Itrebema – the insertion of a laser into the vein.

12 01 2007

hey sherd, did you see the last episode of ‘counter culture’ on sbs? it was about shopping in japan. the android and i watched it, getting more and more agitated/fascinated by japanese consumerism, and more and more irritated by the host. at the end, we realised he was tyler brule of wallpaper magazine fame and it all became clear.carry on [up the ginza]…p.s. does my word verification [piavu] mean anything in japanese?p.p.s. i am still mortified by my japanese/korean faux pas at dinner that night. forgive me?

13 01 2007

What faux pas? I have clearly blocked it from my memory. So yes, *waves magnanimously* I forgive you, my dear.

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