Singles Manifesto

16 01 2007

We are the singles.

We bow to the theories of utilitarianism and efficiency and take the worst option in any sleeping arrangement, be it single bed, mattress on the floor, couch, or combination of beanbags and pillows.

We pay higher prices for accommodation for not having someone to share our beds.

We sit in the back seat of the car.

We buy our own drinks.

We take a whole taxi to ourselves, and pay the entire fare.

Our fridges contain our favourite foods.

We secretly pity couples. Couples secretly pity us.

Both are reasonable to some extent.

We make our decisions ourselves.

We see whom we choose, when we choose.

We need permission from no-one.

This one’s for you, roomie.




3 responses

16 01 2007
That Guy

…and we love it! most of the time….

16 01 2007

Thanks roomie 🙂

17 01 2007

& I just had to add this..”Love? Yes please. But if you can’t manage it, unbridled lust will do.” Basil Brush.

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