23 01 2007

(nicked totally from the Democrats press release. mskp also says intelligent things.)

Call to Ban Big Day Out Un-Australian

Democrats’ Deputy Leader, Senator Andrew Bartlett says calls by government MPs to cancel the Big Day Out music festival shows how thin their commitment is to free speech and so-called Australian values.

“The approach of the Big Day Out organisers might not be the best way to go, but they should be congratulated for trying to stand up against racism and the misuse of the Australian flag,” Senator Bartlett said.

“Andrew Robb has preached long and loud about everyone needing to have ‘Australian values’, yet when a major festival seeks to prevent misuse of the Australian flag, he calls for their event to be banned!”

“Anyone who thinks that racists don’t use our flag as a way to try to justify their putrid creed still has their head buried in the sands of Cronulla beach.”

“Being proud of your country shouldn’t mean being blind to its flaws, and being proud of your flag is all the more reason to refuse to let it be used by bigots and racists.”

“Giving an uncritical approval to anything as long as it has the Australian flag wrapped around it is a sure fire way to encourage misuse of the flag,” Senator Bartlett concluded.




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23 01 2007

Well I say nujjkapx to that!Have a look at Blogocracy, too. I made a comment as ‘neko c’. It may be hard to find. I think it’s about number 270 out of a billion, or something.

29 01 2007

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