31 01 2007

It’s been 17 years since I was in Melbourne, and I was excited to be meeting Melbourne as an adult. I’d been meaning to mosey down that way for a while, and finally the planets/Miff and my days off/cheap flights and pay days aligned to make it happen.

I sat next to a young girl in a bubble dress on the plane. Seventeen years ago, I wore a pink polka-dotted bubble dress to my uncle’s wedding in Melbourne. It’s my abiding memory of the day. And, really, of Melbourne. Oh, and not being allowed to go to the reception because there was a “no children” rule so we ate wedding cake and watched videos at my uncle’s flat instead. And having a promised trip to Melbourne Zoo cancelled because it suddenly started raining and got cold. So to me Melbourne = bubble dresses, wedding cake and crazy changeable weather completely beyond rhyme or reason.

Being ever so much older and wiser now, I knew my hazy Melbourne memories were not to be trusted. This time around I was sensibly attired, and even took the time for a completely condescending “one day you’ll look back on your bubble dress and cringe, young lady” thought*. Unfortunately for my toes the Melbourne weather hadn’t changed, so I spent most of the time wrapped in all the clothes I brought with me as well as some accessorising with Miff’s scarves, socks and blankets.

I was only there for three nights, but we managed to pack a whole heap of Melthings in and still had time to lie around on banana chairs on the front verandah listening to the radio, drinking tea and feeling desperately hungover for a good portion of one of the days. That Miff is an efficient young thing, that’s for sure. There was shoe shopping, cute-thing shopping, grocery shopping, Preston markets, Little Saigon and Footscray, Chinatown, Spanish coffee, bacon and eggs, pho, Japanese food, missions into random shops of junk, dip eaten with the world’s biggest Turkish bread, pints of beer, bottles of champagne and red wine…

Looking back over that list it seems to have been all consumption. Rest assured there were other things. Miff and her husband gave in to my demands for a tram ride (even though it took three times longer than the train), as well as kindly taking me to Scienceworks to see the Planetarium and get a special behind the scenes tour** and a big drive around the city looking at different things like the MCG and the Botanic Gardens and Carlton Football Club***.

Miff also used her mad costume making and eye makeup skillz to “corpse us up” for the party of the year for some lovely people. This was trickier than it sounded – who knew the line between “corpse bride” and “tryhard goth” was so blurry? I also renewed my desire to own a full-length mirror – who knew my auntie’s second hand dress was quite so cleavage-y? Anyway that was a very fun evening – I learnt a lot about boxing that I didn’t know before and met a whole bunch of clever people whose names I immediately forgot and wished I hadn’t. In my defence, I was very hungover, and no bastard was going by their real name anyway.

Pootled home on Sunday, discarding layers and regaining feeling in numb extremities somewhere around the Queensland border. Felt like I’d been away forever, in a good way. Felt refreshed, as only spending time with old friends, and meeting new ones, can do.

* Coming to terms with being officially “old”, thanks for asking.
** I would like a planetarium kthxbye.
*** Not entirely sure this tour was intentional but I very much enjoyed it nonetheless.




2 responses

31 01 2007

I often accidentally end up on sight-seeing drives when I miss turns – although if I’m the one driving there is usually too much panic to be taking in the views.I’m wearing my new strawberry shoes today Sherdie – so cute!

1 02 2007

Hooray for strawberries! I’m wearing my totally cool but a little bit slippery green shoes today. I have managed not to fall over… yet.

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