Bad news for my bandwidth

1 02 2007

I found a site called D-addicts.

It’s for fans of Asian drama series.

I didn’t know I was one.

It has torrents.

I’ve just queued about 100Gb of trashy j-drama for download.

Long Vacation!
Beautiful Life!
Love Revolution!

…and so many more.

Including the much loved (by me) Iguana no musume, where our high-school-aged protagonist THINKS SHE IS AN IGUANA! Because her mother told her she was an iguana. Featuring amusing scenes of her looking into mirrors (windows, glass doors, any reflective surface really) and seeing a human-sized IGUANA looking back! Resonate with your average teenager? I am an enormous iguana and everyone around me is not an enormous iguana? I THINK IT DOES! The twist? HER MOTHER USED TO BE AN IGUANA!



Sorry, I’ll stop shouting now. I’m just a bit excited.




6 responses

31 01 2007

What is it with Nihonjin and iguanas?*I base this purely on Freddy the Westone Inc mascot and your post.Oh my god the word is nsync.I kid you not….

1 02 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

There is no Asian drama … there is only MONKEY!Tathagata Buddha, the father Buddha, said so.

1 02 2007

OMG – I totally used to think I was a chameleon, and my mum used to be a chameleon! I fully know how that girl feels…????I’m gonna have to check this out when I’m not at work – sounds too trashy to be true!

1 02 2007

Drama watching party at my house! WOOHOO!

3 02 2007
Mangoman's Manager

Iguana? Definite shades of Kafka (read The Metamorphosis, aka Die Verwandlung).

3 06 2011
Strip Poker

Quite good question

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