1 02 2007

Good things about living on your own #19479:

Last night for dinner I had an eggplant, roast tomato and bacon tart. Tonight I am having a carrot, three vitawheats, and two steaks.

Based, of course, on the understanding that there is a steak in every beer.

* lit. one person living, or single living. I like that in Australia it’s seen as an inability to sharehouse, but in Japan it has a name.




4 responses

1 02 2007

I was always told there was a burger in every beer. Perhaps it is a steak burger?

1 02 2007

I’m told the French have a word or phrase for ‘Dessert Stomach’ so that you always have room for dessert!

1 02 2007

or a chicken burger? Maybe it should be ‘there’s a beer in every beer’. Beer stomach?

2 02 2007

i loved single living! why the rush to shack up? in dallas, there are two houses that are the mirror image of each other. his and hers. there’s a porch that connects. oooooh to be loaded and kooky. but i’d have to make adjustments. 2 yurts connected by a deck. separate bathrooms, but we can share the same composting toilet. god. where is a trust fund when you need it?

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