Nose woes

6 02 2007

It’s been summery the last couple of weeks in Brisvegas; nothing like the soaring high-thirties crap you southlanders have been dealing with, but warm enough for a girl to work up a glistening sheen on the daily walk to work.

Meh, I sweat. Not a huge amount, enough to take a change of shirt on days like this. But thanks to, I dunno, genetic whatevers or developmental thingamies, my nose starts beading with moisture way before the rest of me even gets to “glow”.

It gets worse. It’s not just when it’s hot. When I’m embarrassed, or flustered, or stressed, ol’ Rudolph starting pumping out the coolant. Because obviously it would be awful to have an overheating problem on the front of my face. Blow a nose gasket. Pop a proboscis.

The outside world, or at least, those few people I trust enough to have asked, assure me it’s not noticeable. Which is nice of them, but clearly a lie. You’re talking to me, I appear normal, except, wait, my nose has clearly recently run a half-marathon!

Solutions? Radical surgery, probably. Carrying of a delicate handkerchief with which to dab gently at the offending area. Attaching a sponge to my face. Not going into areas with an ambient temperature of more than 25 degrees. I suspect this includes most of Australia. Not getting into situations where I’m embarrassed or flustered. I suspect this includes most of my life.

Given there is no simple solution, it may be that just I have to get over it.


*ties on sponge*




6 responses

5 02 2007

i think you should use baby powder to soak it up. then you would be mistaken for just having snorted the white lady and i hear THAT IS TERRIBLY GLAMOROUS.*continues campaign to revive unfashionable names for drugs whilst smoking a doobie*

5 02 2007

I know what you mean! The backs of my knees get sweaty really easily, even when no where else does.

6 02 2007

Better your nose than your entire head. Or even worse your entire body! I have heard stories of one poor individual who had nerve surgery to knock off the sweat glands for his upper body because he dripped, literally. No more sweaty palms. Ever. Admittly that may prove a little drastic for nose sweat.M

6 02 2007

Not much you can do about it but be pleased that you don’t have more difficult sweaty areas. Genetic it is. Jumps generations apparently. Isnt that nice?

7 02 2007

During the long tenure of our friendship you had repeatedly stated that this was a problem afflicting your brother only!! Maybe the answer is to move back down here..

7 02 2007

Sherdie, I have never, ever noticed that you have a sweaty nose! hmmm, will have to have a good squiz next time I see you. Of course now all I’ll be able to do is talk to your nose.

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