9 02 2007

I was going to post about the whole issue of leg hair, and about passive aggressive boy avoidance, and about blogging mojo and why I blog, and maybe about carbon taxes… but I’ve just spent two hours on that telephone contraption to Gigpig (we’re old school) and I’m all out of brain. Before that I talked to my lovely Alby for a goodly chunk of time and before that I did a presentation to a medium hostile audience and won them over with my charm/enormous breasts/kickarse arguments a la xkcd/authority provided by federal legislation. Perry Mason has nuthin’ on me.

In other news, I made cheese, which is not a euphemism, but does possibly mark a point on the path towards moving to a commune somewhere in the hinterland and believing patchouli oil covers body odour.*

It was yogurt cheese, also known as labna, was very easy, and the final product turns out to be yum. I got the recipe from around the internets. Here‘s one that I didn’t use but gives you the general idea. Basically I just took 1kg yogurt made from full cream milk and a couple of teaspoons of salt, mixed it together, chucked it in a strainer lined with muslin and put the whole lot in the fridge with a bowl under it to catch the whey. It still has a bit of squishing to do (I believe this is the technical term) so tomorrow I’ll get into the whole ‘roll it into little balls and store it in oil’ thing. Or eat it for dinner. Either way.

* Disclosure: I also make my own yogurt. And have a jar on my sink that is generally filled with bean sprouts. I am yet to believe in homeopathy though, so I think it’s ok.




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8 02 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Whey?Wa-hey!Hinterland? I’m thinking Tasmania myself.

9 02 2007

You damn hippy. I now have an irresistible urge to make my own yoghurt.

9 02 2007


9 02 2007

I have a yummy bean and labna salad recipe I should send you! That was one of my Christmas dinner recipes.PS You are a hippy. Only you would collect compost in the work tearoom to take home to feed to your compost/worm farm.

9 02 2007

snf, I bloody knew SOMEONE would make that joke (only because I was thinking it in my head while I was writing it) (actually was thinking about that terrible joke: Doctor says to female patient, “I need to weigh your breasts” and then puts hands under breasts and says “we-heeeey!”) (I had an ex who used to do that) (any wonder he’s now an ex?). cee, the next post is all for you. kp – you too will have to read the next post.miff – please send! You domestic goddess types have all the good stuff/knitted teddybears!

9 02 2007
the duck herder

i guess the only thing worse than collecting office food scraps and taking them home for the worms would be collecting them for the office worm farm, and using the castings to grow tomatoes, lettuce, zucs and basil in the office car park…….you go girl…..

9 02 2007

WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?…don’t forget about the corn!

10 02 2007

i call it quark. kvahrk. makes me sound like the german major i once was (before the long fall to daddam’s dept).so iffn yer surfin for recipes, try quark, too. i top my holy frijoles negros with quark and salsa. was it really as easy as you made it sound?

12 02 2007

Piece of piss, ma’am. For serious.

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