I caught a book!

13 02 2007

This post was from Friday but I must’ve been too excited about yogurt and it ended up hiding in my drafts…

Really, that’s neither here nor there, but I like to keep you in the loop…

I was in the city early early early at the blood place for a spot of plasmapheresis. I was feeling very out of sorts because I generally try to avoid the morning. Plus I’d forgotten to bring a book.

Sit down in the waiting room and there on the chair next to me was a released book! My first one! I joined bookcrossing recently and was wondering if I’d ever manage to hunt one down. And there it was, just sitting there, waiting for me to pick it up. Karma, I say. Stick that in your elephant ride and smoke it.

Note: The nurses in the blood place take some things quite seriously. Babbling excitedly about how you’ve just “caught” a book in the waiting room is not a good way to convince them you are of sound mind and understand everything in the donor statement. Especially when, in your sleepy state, you ticked the wrong box on one of the questions.

“Oh, whoops, sorry, NOT a man. No, honestly, not a man, and never had male-to-male sex. Cross my heart. But I did catch this book just now. It had been released into the wild, you see. No, really. Into the wild… drug use? Why do you ask?”




2 responses

12 02 2007
no one catches my books!

oh you weasel! i never catch dickiedoo! i look. i surf for releases (by the way, i dumped scads at Hello Stanley coffee house) and no one ever finds mine or they’re too chicken to make a journal entry.fine.i’m dropping all mine off in the elevators of miserable house.

13 02 2007

beginner’s luck?

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