I want

14 02 2007

I want cute glass magnet things from redinstead.

I want everything on Etsy.

I want a dwarf citrus for my genkan.

I want a treehouse.




7 responses

13 02 2007

No, I want everything on etsy!!. And I’m well on my way after the drunken ordering session on Friday night. It’s very exciting getting packages in the mail. Yay!

13 02 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Tendency toward anthropomorphismUse of the phrase “spot of plasmapheresis”Treehouse ownership aspirationLeftist postings*swoons*Consider this a Valentine.

13 02 2007
the duck herder

umm, I have a box of old Xena fridge magnets…..would you like them instead?has it been long enough yet for Xena to be retro…?i suspect not.

13 02 2007
Jen Leheny

y’know if you want some of my magnets, you could just BUY them! 🙂 haha I have just come here from your link (to Red Instead) and enjoyed reading your blog. I love how you write! I see you come from Canberra? That’s where I am. Anyway just saying hello Jen

14 02 2007

woohoo, a Valentine! *blushes*Thanks. Hi Jen, thanks for dropping by! *blushes again*It’s a day of compliments, isn’t it?This pleases me immensely. Carry on.

21 02 2007

Uh oh & Red Instead too… oh oh my.I want I want!

24 02 2007

tree house!?if you get one AND a craft that floats just above ground fueled by old fish ‘n’ chip grease, i’ll just spit!

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