17 02 2007

Have you ever done that thing that’s really Miff‘s fault when you get comfortable with the people in your new workplace and start to absentmindedly sing the song that’s in your head and it turns out to be Regina Spektor‘s ‘Hotel Song‘ and you’re singing a little bag of co-caine, a little bag of co-caine… as your boss’s boss eyes the mark on your inner left elbow from giving blood and draws his own conclusions?

How about that thing where you wind up in the corporate end of the city on a whim and the promise of cheap beer and end up hiding near a pot-plant as you eye the suits and wonder at how a few blocks can make for such a difference in the people and hope to whatever that your public sector isn’t showing?

And what about that thing where you go out after work for a couple of sociable drinks, and you have a bit more fun and stay a bit longer than you expected, and then you’re walking down your street in the warm Brisvegas evening enjoying the air on your skin, and then you get to your letterbox and try to get the mail out and it’s then, right then, when you realise you are probably on the drunk side of tipsy?

Thought so, you dirty stop-out.




3 responses

17 02 2007

you’re a delight, sherdie.

18 02 2007

omg YES. I’ve been at my job a week and one of the senior suits sends an email around how they’ve been finding windgliders all around the local coal mine (due to a storm in the area – they were training for windgliding championships). I emailed the STUPIDEST thing in return:”It’s like a treasure hunt… only more macabre”*cringe* Such bad taste that I have.

20 02 2007

I think my wors tof these moments was when I was singing the song Gay Bar by Electric Six.”I’ve got something to put in you… I’ve got something to put in you… at the gay bar, gay bar…”

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