Happy days (not incl the Fonz)

23 02 2007

It’s a beautiful world out there kids, and I for one am feeling the love.

What subtle shifts of mood and light and breeze have brought on this temporary insanity? I’m walking over the bridge grinning like an eejit at the sunset on the river. I’m dancing in the lift. I’m clapping my hands randomly, in the shower, at my desk, making dinner, just… happy.

There’s no one reason.

Work isn’t fabulous…

…but it never dips below a base level of being quite good, even on the bad days. It is, dare I say it, fulfilling.

My house is in need of thicker walls and a renovation and a laundry…

…but it’s my oasis and every day I walk through my front door and feel at peace.

My latest crush, on a boy who may or may not be aware of my existence, is probably nothing but an idle daydream…

…but I’m enjoying the delicious giddiness and possibility of it all.

There was no sudden change. I don’t know when it started to develop. Weeks ago? Months ago? Regardless, life right now is a wonderful culmination of effort and serendipity. And underpinning it all is you, the peeps, the ones that read my reflexive regurgitation of brainchunks and the ones that don’t. The ones that know me through words on a page and the ones that don’t know I have this outlet to the world. I see you through email, postcards, writeboards, phonecalls, frisbee, cups of coffee, pots of tea, lunch, beers, parties, dinners, bad television, bands, late night texts, early morning walks…


Though happiness is fleeting, today I am suffused with it. Though saccharin tastes faintly ridiculous, today I don’t care.




10 responses

22 02 2007

Yay! Love YaP.S Poker and stinky boys suck

22 02 2007

It’s true.

22 02 2007
the duck herder

the duck herder approves of this new mood…although you have always been a little prone to handclapping to show your delight at the little things….a new 2nd hand teapot…..sticky bun for morning tea…… and the like…and it is certainly not unheard of for a rocketeer to emit spontanious, slightly raukus bursts of joyousness…you rock little rocketeerkeep up the good work!PS, Nefley is still fluffy and is laying again.

22 02 2007

This is also true. *grin*Don’t ya hate how contagious it is, tdh? Have you managed to break the habit yet?

22 02 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Life is a fine thing, is it not?

22 02 2007

This is true. Everything is true. It’s a festival of truth here, people!

23 02 2007

a declaration of love for the world can never be too sweet, dear one. and it IS contagious. i feel better after reading this post, and that will filter out into my little world today.so thanks, gorgeous x.

25 02 2007
the duck herder

yay! *clap clap*

26 02 2007

I love your happy days my love, the fact that you are dancing in the lift makes a little part of my world a much better place.

26 02 2007

& hooray for nefly!

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