Green is like, totally the new black

27 02 2007

Enviroblogs are chattering about this years Oscars presents for the celebs.

Just to refresh your memory, last year the beautiful people got over $US100,000 worth of freebies for attending the Oscars. Each. Hang on, don’t just skim over that figure. Think of your annual salary. Take off tax. Convert it to US dollars (multiply by 0.8), or just compare it to $AU125,000. In one night. As a present.

Then the US tax people cracked down on it big time and the Academy said something along the lines of, “whatever, like, we were so going to get rid of those anyway, I mean, duh, nobody really likes them, they’re so last year, sweetie.”

So instead, this year the Academy got carbon offsetters Terrapass to give each of the high profile celebs a cool handblown glass egg sculpture like you can get on Etsy.

Oh, and a year of carbon neutral living.

I know green is in right now, and it’s trendy to be eco-aware. Reactions to my soapboxing about composting and worm farms and sustainable design have become less ‘run and hide’ and more ‘waiter, I’d like another chai latte please’ over the last couple of years. But I hadn’t realised how trendy it had become. Green is the new Ethiopia. Green is the new Tibet. Green is the new black.

It’s great for these issues to get so much exposure. For me it shows that people are taking it seriously on some level. I just hope it doesn’t end up falling out of fashion once the season changes.




2 responses

26 02 2007

it could stay. if people get passionate about it. not something to which “can’t be bothered” should be attached. when i was in germany in the late 80s early 90s, recyclables were picked up 2x a week and if you had that arrangement, you got your rubbish picked up less frequently and got a brake on the rubbish fees. i think that started the decade before. i don’t know how much confidence i have. i work with people who throw away paper and cans when the green bins are all over the place. they find it amusing. their big bad rebellion. ooooh! i think it’s a bit like the quit smoking campaign. the consequences are too far down the track for some people’s way of thinking. that’s why i should be able to beat them until they drool. they’re organic. they’ll decompose nicely. feed my lilypillies nicely.

27 02 2007

I am confident that it will hold. Some have come on board for the fashion thing and some of those will stay with it. Others will simply go with the flow – those that follow the rules. At least there is now a chance that the ignorant are coming on board.Those who want to rebel, well perhaps we will need to find something else for them to fight. I could develop a list that they can be sooled onto.While not always one of the pure I to plan to dig out my stock of Grass Roots magazines – all 30 years worth. Just to have another read.

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