Office romance

8 03 2007

A line of questioning directed at your humble correspondent this afternoon by a kindly older gentleman in my office:

So you live close enough to walk? Oh, that’s nice and close. Do you live with a partner? Just you? So, no-one special? Lovely gel like you, hard to believe… my son, yairs, he walks to work too, he’s just bought a place in the city. That shiny new building, two bedroom, just him, lovely place. He’s got a really good job, earns a lot of money, his career’s taking orf. He’s a year or two older than you. He had a gel, but you know, it didn’t work out. He needs someone ambitious and clever, and she wasn’t either of those, heh heh, he needs a gel like you, yairs, he tells me he just hasn’t met the right gel yet, I’ve got a photo here somewhere, oh, here it is, that’s him, lovely boy, very good to his mother, very clever chap too…

a) Telling me I’m lovely, ambitious and clever turns out to be a remarkably effective way to get me to listen to you pimp your son.

b) Dads as wingmen – you saw it here first.

c) HFS for a second there I was thinking, ‘hmm, he sounds alright.’ I need to get out more.




12 responses

7 03 2007

Hey, I thought of the “Dad as wingman” manoeuvre long ago.At least I’m smart enough to realize that it’ll never work. While it’s sometimes conceded that Dads know some stuff, there are certain subjects in a young man’s life that Dads will forever be clueless about.

8 03 2007

That’s crap, and you know it. I normally let it go for poetic license – but don’t tell me your dad hasn’t been playing your wingman for years now.

8 03 2007

Offering my hand in marriage to the guy from Yandina with the organic farm or to semi-famous people he sits next to on planes is not the same thing. Those are business decisions. (…btw, years now? How long do you think I’ve been single for? Or was he talking me up while I was otherwise involved? Don’t talk to me about poetic license, buddy, you know it runs in the family.)

8 03 2007

Love it. What did you say to him afterwards?

8 03 2007

As one who’s rent is about to sky rocket, I say ‘go for the man with the apartment near the city! Run now!!’. Hell, if the man has a tent and a good campsite, I’m there.

8 03 2007
Mangoman's Manager

but was the photo promising? BTW your Dad has also given your potential hand in marriage to Roger Federer and the Spanish tennis player who was in the final (forget his name – he hasn’t been as famous for long) and probably on the basis of business decisions as well. Obviously these two didn’t hear the offer though.

8 03 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Business?*mumbles**waggles hand*”I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

9 03 2007

Dads have an absolute and historical right to be their daughter’s wingman. It is a perk of the job. You want me to negotiate with this bloke? I can be available.

11 03 2007

Yandina? Small world sidetrack…Back when I was a youngster, I spent every school holidays on my grandparents cane farm just east of Yandina. My mum went to a one-teacher school at the base of Dunethin Rock. After the school closed, it became a scout camp and, many years later, I took my two eldest sons on a scout camp there. The hill where my Grandfather and I planted bananas is now covered with houses. (*end memories*)

12 03 2007

well, i think you need to start haggling. you can’t do it, though. have your BFoS (brother full of scruples) represent you. i don’t really care if this makes you feel comfy. i know it’ll make MEEEEEE very…c’mon… dad vs. bro sherdie smackdown.

12 03 2007

haha Sherd – Mangoman and Father Wingman are gonna auction you off for the highest price. Make sure you get a good dowry 😉 I wish I had a Father Wingman :(Anyway, show us the photo – we all have to see. PUH-LEASSSSSE!!

12 03 2007

The photo was in hard copy (I know! Who has photos in hard copy?). Imagine someone who went to a really swish private school and played rugby (union, of course) and had expensive orthodontic work and a golden retriever called Joh to show his support for the one true party. I’m going out on a limb here but I suspect we wouldn’t have much to talk about.

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