Loose links

14 03 2007

These are like those loose coins that ramble around in the bottom of your handbag: not something you want to get rid of, but not really useful until you’ve collected a few. Aka I want. Again. Some light relief after all that ranting too.

Sakurasaku – a glass that leaves cherry blossom shapes in condensation (via notcot.org). File under presents for my Baachan/oh well if I’m paying international postage I may as well get myself a couple.

You Japanese readers (I know you’re out there) should have a look at the FAQs, where they answer such pressing questions as “Can I stack the glasses?” and “Will I always be able to get pretty sakura?” The answers are unbearably polite (“It is possible if there is too much condensation on the glass, the sakura design may not come out clearly. We humbly seek your understanding”).

Everyone’s/my favorite narcissist, yongfook, has a new project: Open Source Food. It’s a social networking food site. It panders to three of my great loves: food, the internet and looking at pretty pictures. Sadly I don’t have a digital camera at the moment, so you won’t see my culinary masterpieces (burnt gyoza, anyone?) on there any time soon, but I’ll be lurking around the fringes like some creepy food voyeur. You’ll also (not) see me at tastespotting and a whole bunch of food blogs, in case you thought creepy food voyeurism sounded like something you want to try.

These come from trees – stickers to put on paper towel dispensers to give people a gentle reminder (via sustainablog). Apparently a simple sticker can cause a 15% reduction in paper towel use and wastage. Guerilla stickering. I love it. Possibly showing up around Brisvegas soon.

How to clean a coffee maker with vinegar (via lifehacker). Special for Nabla. Mmmm, smell of hot vinegar running through the coffee maker. Takes me back…

Kitchen garden. From… um… somewhere… probably flickr… shit… apologies to owner…

This is similar to my set up, except I have one crappy Ikea pine chair and a small round table with my “kitchen garden” on it. Given that I’ll probably be living in apartments for at least a few more years, I guess this is what I aspire too. Also, I like the little chalkboards. I need something like that. I planted some… seeds of some sort the other week, thinking, “There are only six pots! What sort of idiot could forget what’s in six pots?” I forgot. I think it’s beans and snow peas and radishes and spring onions. Maybe. Did I plant the tomatoes? I know I thought about planting the tomatoes…

And finally, That Guy is back, and he’s written a lovely post that filled me with happiness and purpose and reminded me how wonderful creation and art can be. Go read it. And drop him a comment to say hi. He loves that shit.

EDIT: If you haven’t already, go and watch today’s Show. Especially you, That Guy.




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15 03 2007

Mmmm, smell of hot vinegar running through the coffee maker. Takes me back…??? to what? I thought the smell of vinegar – and its connection with the feel of bicarb soda – in the bathroom would have been a stronger memory.

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