Piss funny

14 03 2007

This was sent to me today. It’s in Japanese but trust me, you’ll get the general idea from the pictures. Toilet humour and YouTube posts. The end is nigh.

PS In case you get confused, the red bucket is Shimajiro’s bladder…




7 responses

14 03 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Next time I stand at the urinal, I’ll be thinking: “Drum-roll please.”

14 03 2007

mr hanky the christmas poo…

15 03 2007

oh dear. oh dear oh dear oh dear.is my bladder really a talking bucket? does my wee chant “Go! Go!” ?dare i ask how you came across this little brown gem?

15 03 2007

Eew! Funny, but eew!

15 03 2007

that NEVER happens when i take a crap. not only is my toilet a non-singing one, but nobody claps and cheers my sterling achievement. either i’m moving to japan, or becoming an animated character.

15 03 2007

I just have one question: WHY?:)

15 03 2007

I know. When was the last time people cheered after you did a poo?It’s educational, Boff, you know, like the Wiggles. Just, instead of Dorothy the Dinosaur and the Big Red Car, it’s Shimajiro the weeing boy and the Big Brown…

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