I’ll make you a deal

21 03 2007

I won’t think at work any more, which will mean that I won’t fall asleep on the couch when I could have been blogging.

In return for higher quality posts, you won’t mind that your taxpayer’s dollars are funding me to cruise youtube and wikipedia for random things.





3 responses

20 03 2007

“Think at work” OMG What happened? Were the computers down?

21 03 2007
the duck herder

Darling, consider that regular wage a stipend for your creative brilliance!…. I suspect there may be a little bit of publicly subsidized partaking of your bloggy brilliance……It’s all about interdepartmental collaboration, whole of government, and cross border joint funding arrangements….of course!

21 03 2007

As I am not actually paid anything close to what normal people would consider a wage, I feel no guilt about my love of the random function in wikipedia.

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