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5 04 2007

You there, reading this. Are you enrolled to vote? Is your enrolment up to date?

Get Up (via the delectable mskp) tells me you will only have until 8pm on the day the election is called to sort yourself out. The Electoral Act sez:

The date fixed for the close of the Rolls is the third working day after the date of the writ.
Note: However, generally names are not added to or removed from the Rolls after the date of the writ.

At a recent election it turned out that nabla had been removed from the electoral roll because of an administrative stuff up – somewhere in the transfer of enrolment he’d been unenrolled. I can’t remember if it was the council or state election, but in any case, he couldn’t vote and it was not cool. The Electoral Commission have a nifty little online verification thingo you can use to check whether you’re all up to date. Go on, give it a go. Everyone loves filling out forms, right?

And if, like me, you’re still enrolled at your old address, the forms are on there to update as well.




2 responses

5 04 2007

If they say you arent on the roll you can always insist on a ‘section’ vote. Can’t remember the number but they always know what you are talking about. Section votes are often only counted if the vote is close.

10 04 2007

I love the way the electoral roll always knows that I’ve moved house when I get a nice little letter and form to fill in. Smartest roll ever.I love my new Federal Division here in Melbs – I’m in BATMAN! Na na na na na na na naaaa BATMAN!Also, yay for Get Up.

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