7 04 2007

It’s raining. I’m eating a pear and listening to Art of Fighting while the house fills up with the smell of rain. It’s nice. I’m overtired and everything seems a little bit distant and at the same time a little too raw.

Dawn saw me meeting parents at the airport and some time later waving them, nabla and K, all shoehorned into Billie, off as they left for Blues & Roots. Yes, the entire rest of my family is cooler than me. Even my car is cooler than me. Le sigh. Before they left we had hot cross buns and the usual stream of words and actions that surround my family when we are all in the same place. In between hijacking the washing machine I curled up on the beanbag and clamoured for coffee and attention like the youngest child I am. Photos of the causeway being washed away during the cyclone were viewed and serious-faced discussion of water was interrupted by gossiping about the hippies in the next valley and a complete tangent about motorbikes. Random family drama #37482 was solved by discovering my dad had talked to my uncle, quite the controversial revelation as my mum’s side is long on females and the usual channels of communication are through the three sisters.

I decided to mess with my head even more after they all left by falling asleep upstairs waiting for a load of washing to finish. I woke up on the brown couch groggy and confused and wondering where all my stuff was until it finally occurred to me I didn’t live there anymore. Safely home now and feeling hollow, not in a bad way, just in a quiet way. A quiet rain-scented way. It’s the tiredness talking; I haven’t taken a breath all week, one thing after another grabbing my brainspace and demanding attention. Add a clever decision to give blood halfway through the first week into a new project at work and neighbours’ late-night/early morning partying and I’m happy I made it this far. I have a nice balance of things to do, people to see and time to myself between now and Tuesday. Time for breathing and regaining some equilibrium.

Right now, though, there’s some chocolate needs eating.

And then a nap may be in order.




2 responses

10 04 2007

Oh me how I wish I’d napped over the weekend. My biggest sleep in was 8am on Monday, when actually we were supposed to be getting up early to drive back to Melbourne.

10 04 2007

So if they were shoehorned into Billie do you think we can be shoehorned into Billie Too in 2 weeks time? It’s handy that someone else gets to try it before we do :)& I love that tired dozy poetic hollow feeling, I’m comfortable in it. I hope you got lots of naps & chocolate..

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