We are wise wise women, we are giggling girls

24 04 2007

Dear Internets,

You know that I heart you dearly. So I hope you don’t take it badly when I ignore you for the next couple of weeks.

Soon I will fly across the country to a reunion of sorts. It’s been planned for about a year now. It’s going to be like a primary school sleepover, but with a lot more wine and cheese, and probably a lot more sleep. There will be staying up late talking about boys and how to save the world, eating of incredible food, watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean, and (this is mandatory) drunken dancing in our pyjamas. If it were to be rendered in cute caricature, as a group we would apparently look something like this:

Will I try to post? Maybe. Depends how jealous I feel like making you all with tales of exciting Western adventures/sleeping on the floor.

lots of love,




6 responses

24 04 2007

hey! I’m providing 3, THREE, mattress’ for you to sleep on. Only if you roll off will you come into contact with the floor thank you very much.& I’d miss you very much if it wasn’t me that was distracting you from the internerd. & I don’t have the world wide web at my house, sorry peeps.

24 04 2007

Have fun over there. You might have a commemorative beer at the Ocean Beach Hotel in Cottesloe for me. Reckon it is probably still there. There is a mark on the floor where my head hit it late-ish one night.

24 04 2007

it’s still there. i seen it at christmas time. i didn’t notice any head-shaped divots though.you have a lovely time, dear sherdie. try to have at least one lazy afternoon at little creatures, won’t you?and keep your eyes peeled for an internerd caf…x

26 04 2007

Have fun Sherdie.And, go on, post! Make us jealous.

2 05 2007
Té la mà Maria

Hello I am visiting your blog-Web and I like much. CongratulationsIf you want you can visit ours, one is but irreverent and iconoclastic blog of the world, and one is in Catalonia – Spainhttp://telamamaria.blogspot.comThank you very much

5 05 2007
the sublime cowgirl

hi babe..just popping into say HI!enjoy the reuninon thingamy.x

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