Flat gardens

16 05 2007

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She lived in a big, open space, where the air was so warm and the sun so shiny, all a seed needed to grow was a smile and a sprinkle of dirt. There were chickens, and trees laden with tropical fruits, and all manner of permaculture happiness.

The girl grew up and moved to a freezer. She discovered it was possible, but not easy, to grow things in a freezer, especially after she’d figured out what this “frost” thing was and how these “seasons” worked. She even cultivated a monster pumpkin vine, and in a fit of curiosity, let it grow until it eventually climbed over the nectarine tree, tried to eat the house, and had to be fought back with fire and axes.

Then the girl moved to a place with no garden. For a while, she was confused. For a while, she even threw her organic waste in the normal rubbish bin. There seemed no point if there was no soil. Downcast, disconsolate, she turned to the intertubes.

And lo, the intertubes did come up with the goods.

Kinda want (I see indoor mowing. With scissors.)

Sorta want (I don’t think pumpkins would fit)

An aerogarden? Maybe (where would the worms go?)

Knock out all the walls, I’m set (maybe just the internal walls).

Green bean screen (my birthday’s in December).

The reality:




8 responses

15 05 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

I lurve the permaculture.

15 05 2007

What’s in the jar?

16 05 2007

bean sprouts!

16 05 2007

I had a book once. Showed you how to grow things in cupboards – under flouros. Seems to have disappeared. You may have it?Like the bean wall. You could also do cucumbers but melons might be a bit heavy. New a bloke once, lived in a high rise. Sowed his vegie seeds in all of the general gardens around the place. Didn’t get much but I know he harvested tomatoes before the rule keepers got him.

17 05 2007

Do you have market garden type thingies in Brisvegas? Are they called market gardens? Maybe not. Remember in Secret Life of Us how they had a vegie patch in the public garden (which I strolled past on Tuesday as I went down Ackland St for cake)? I’m assuming you rent a plot or something and can then tend away to your heart’s content.

17 05 2007

Look! Found you this. http://www.northeystreetcityfarm.org.au/aboutus.htmNot that far from your place, or ours!

21 05 2007

The aerogarden is weirdly clinical… it looks like something out of Star Trek.

22 05 2007

Doesn’t it though? Plants without dirt all seems a bit strange to me.

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