26 05 2007

I don’t know which thought is scarier.

That Mal’s charging about unchecked coming up with this stuff himself.

Or that his advisors actually think this is a good thing to say.

On a side note, I really should have learnt by now not to read the comments on

*despairs for the future of the nation*

UPDATE: Mangoman is wise and tells us all not to worry about the stupid people.




4 responses

25 05 2007

So now we know. Simple really. They just don’t want to learn English. No other blockages in the road. Schools are ok, families supportive, communities working well, some expectation that things could be different. All good but the little buggers are still making an ideological statement that they wont learn English.Take your wedges and insert them somewhere else Mal. This mob have enough to cope with.

25 05 2007
lil shaz

i just read all 114 comments (as at 1.20pm) on’m trying to think of something witty and smart to write, but my brain has gone to jelly.the overall feeling i got from the comments was “they should be GRATEFUL that they’re being given the chance to learn OUR language”.geezus…

28 05 2007

“Malware”*chuckle*You are such a nerd.

19 06 2007

i never read comments unless i feel the need to shift my skin up a few centimetres.

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