Sunday afternoon ramblings

4 06 2007

It’s turning cooler in Brisvegas, cool enough to think about wearing something other than shorts and tshirts. So I’ve dug out my h4wt knee-high brown and pink (no sheep were harmed in the making of these) uggies to pair with the aforementioned shorts and tshirt. It’s a good look, if I do say so myself. Now the sun is going down I might need to find the jumper my ma knitted as well. It’s grey and comfy and the arms are longer than the torso. Sweet.

I’ve spent the day pottering around my little abode, cleaning, doing yoga, drinking cups of tea, desiring handbags on etsy, rearranging the loungeroom, what Alby calls nesting. Saying hello to my space. Hi, walls. Hi, floor. How’s it going? Hi, windows. Watching the light come through the pebbled glass. Breathing.

In a bit I’m going off to dinner at a friend’s house, good company, good food, good wine. Bright light and laughter.

A good day.


It’s June. I have a gift for stating the obvious. April-May was a blur of events and happenings. June is for reflection, and a few decisions. Consolidate or move on. Rent or buy. Commit or leave. Long or short.

That last one’s mostly about hairstyle. Feel free to provide advice on that score.


When Eri left for Japan, it was ridiculous how itchy my feet got at the airport. Travel, what are you waiting for, she said. Soon, I told her.

Just after she got to Brisvegas, we spent an afternoon looking through our old high school photos, gossiping about the people in them, being horrified at our hair/pimples/clothes, discovering we both had a secret crush on the same boy in the year above ours. It all felt so long ago and caused a continuing discussion loosely connected to this idea of becoming adults.

It’s a bit much for a Sunday arvo, really, to rehash conversations that happened towards the end of a bottle of wine. Our conclusions were stunningly unoriginal in any case, but I’ll thank you to remember we are still (just) in the prime of our youth and to give us the benefit of the whatever. Life is short, and you only get one chance at it. Being an adult is being responsible for yourself and your own actions. The universe owes you nothing. Love is important, but so is timing of love. And so on until the end of the second bottle, where you will find either sleep or bad renditions of Spitz songs.

Ai shiteeeruuuu no hiiiibiiiikiiii dake de
tsuyokuuuuu nareeeeeruuuu ki ga shita yo….




5 responses

3 06 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Hair has strong growth potential, and I advise you to take a long position…. sorry, I’ve been looking at yield curves and pricing shares all day.

3 06 2007

Sorry, SNF have to disagree. Short suits Sherd’s head much better! I too have been eying off the Alice handbag! Aahh esty one day soon I’ll be able to purchase your wares again. The Martha clutch is quite nice too.

3 06 2007

Remember, it will always grow – often faster than you want it to. The verifying word sums it up – soohh …[what’s your decision?] PS Haven’t done any yarn stuff for ages – do you want another jumper with a longer torso/shorter sleeves?

3 06 2007

Love one, quizzer. I like long sleeves, maybe slightly longer in the body?*grin*Um, it’s only the third, so reserving the right to change my mind, I think it’ll be short.

3 06 2007

YAY short!& for the ramblings, they’re my favourite :)….apart from etsy handbags…

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