Short, sweet

7 06 2007

So, boo-hoo, work’s been really busy and I think I’m starting to fray a bit around the edges.

I mentioned my mad policy skillz the other day.

File under: ways to get strange looks from your co-workers.

I also mentioned telecommuting to my boss. She looked at me like I was an alien from the planet Intartube.

File under: when technology meets reality.

But this weekend I’m off to the Pauhaus Festival. It will be excellent. I plan to eat corn on the cob and fall in love with the Panics again.

And it’s a long weekend!* First person to tell me their cool plans gets an imaginary fish called Cunty.

* Yeah, yeah, Eastern states only, I got it.




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7 06 2007
duck herder

Well, long weekend starts tomorrow with celebration of the lacuna sabbath. As tradition insists, this will commence with a serious sleep in, then mug of tea in hand, fluffy slipper inspection of farmyard, presentation of left over cold porridge to nefley and jenni, random weed pulling and water bowl filling – what ever is possible while still hopding mug of tea, tut tutting over seedlings, lettuces and herbs in glass house, which then morphs effortlessly into general mooching and not very much……which continues unabated for the next three days……and hopefully, some keening and cooing over my new fish – cunty mccunty!!!!!! yay! where will he live?

7 06 2007

Four day weekend! Nice one. Was there some avocado sheltering going on in there somewhere?Cunty is yours. The beauty of an imaginary fish, my dear, is they can live whereever you want. Personally, I think the mezzanine would be a gorgeous place for young Cunty. Don’t despair, everyone else. There are plenty of Cunties to go round!

7 06 2007
I am spartacus

Sleep. Sleep. Then some more sleep.

7 06 2007

whoa! the times they really are a-changin’. pauhaus looks like nothing we ever had when i was growing up in the village.though i did used to go and see custard play at the story bridge hotel and the old babble-on. nice to see mister mccormack still kicking around…have a delicious time, won’t you?

7 06 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

This weekend I price bonds …Next weekend, however, I’m going to Melbourne to see a T.I.S.M. side project … and sleeping in the departure lounge.Never say I don’t have a sense of dedication.

7 06 2007

I have the fondest memories of Custard! I’m very much looking forward to seeing Dave, even if he probably won’t sing Music is Crap.I’m sure it will be delicious! Corn-tastic, even. snf, that’s very dedicated. Don’t be surprised if they kick you out of the airport for being a terrist though!

8 06 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Yes, especially if I don the balaclava.Now THAT’S dedication.

8 06 2007

Am I too late to get a fish?There are no firm plans but some to drink beer and bbq for Betty’s birthday.

10 06 2007

so… what are you getting the queen? i mean, what do you get a monarch who already has everything? i am thinking geese with blue aprons. oh, and a tea cozy. try to pick up something for her while you’re munching your corn.

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