Temporary insanity

2 09 2007

You know it’s not good when you’re already tired and the week hasn’t even started yet. I’ve had this wannabe flu skulking around the back of my throat and in my joints for… well, it feels like forever but it’s probably more likely three weeks. I’ve been going to bed just about as soon as I get home and getting up just before I need to be somewhere and still craving sleep. Random dizzy spells and nausea and a general constant sense of slight disconnection. Giddy is the word, I think. Good times. Makes the days pass quickly though. Wait, it’s September? But I only just got my head around July…

My emotions are all out of whack as well. Emotional influenza, perhaps. File under TMI, dear readers, this knowledge: I’ve stopped taking the Pill for the first time since OK Computer was released. Yeah, I know, right? Let’s not dwell on a decade of synthetic hormones (/horse pee, thanks so much, SNF) and move right along to WTF WHERE DID MY SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE GO. Also welcoming back to the Sherd calendar: a whole range of things I had pretty much forgotten about. See, people, science is good, but it can also lull you into thinking the world works a certain way, when in fact the truth is much more crampy and spotty and wanting to cry because your favorite pen ran out and in the next breath laughing hysterically and being in love with the world.

So, anyway, in a nutshell it’s like having a gentle coccoon ripped away from your senses. Everything is raw again. I lose my equilibrium so easily. I’ve also been blushing a lot, for no particular reason. Hot flushes, I suppose. Which has actually been kinda nice during winter. And I get distracted really easily. Although maybe that was always the case, and now I’ve just got something to blame it on. And I get tangential really quickly. And my l key on my laptop keeps sticking, which is driving me nuts.

It’s all good, though. At the moment I seem to be scattered and flustered and red-cheeked and blithering on regular occasions. I have been making more than my usual share of faux pas and fuckups. Poise? Not today, sorry. But when I’m mentally somewhere in the troposphere and about to stab someone in the eye with my now-inkless ex-favourite pen, I have a little trick I’ve been trying to use: Feeling something strongly Sherd? Experiencing some high emotion? Right there, that’s not you. That’s the hormones talking. Do you really want to be ruled by your oestrogen levels?

As Jedi mind tricks go it’s pretty basic. Still, whatever works, right?

Here’s to science. And to finding an equilibrium.




4 responses

3 09 2007

I trust ‘temporary’ is the operative word.

3 09 2007

‘don’t ask me – I’m just the temp’

4 09 2007

it won’t be temporary. and don’t forget to take notes! so many years of relying on the candies in teh calendar, you forget that in real life, you have to note the days and count. oh, and my keys stick, too. i thought that was just my house, but it just might be the oestrogen.

8 09 2007
The Duck Herder

well, if you want serenity and no more cramps or need for sanitary items, you might be interested in going for the mirena sherd – they are freaken amazing!But thats just me. I turn into a raging psycho crazy person at the mearest whiff of pony pee, but my little fishing lure rocks! just ask google! It means you can also put off thinking about having babies in five year intervals!

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