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10 09 2007

Go on. It’ll make you feel better about the future of the nation etc.




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10 09 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

Of course, I could see it coming a mile off … doesn’t really help being smart does it? Rudd’s just a mediocrity, and did you know Beattie got caught putting it where it didn’t belong?Oh Sherdie, Sherdie … take me away from all this.

10 09 2007

Yes, it did make me smile.I don’t know but I reckon Bennelong is in the Liberal “firewall”.

12 09 2007

It is an excellent analysis although I am not convinced that their strategists are that smart. I reckon that they are all desperately hoping that a rabbit will come out of the hat – somehow. Be ready for more rabid actions than ever as the melt down continues.

12 09 2007

Um………………….yay!(is this a good point to tell you that 1st year Uni Statistics was the only subject that I got a conceeded pass in….?)(and also to confess that all those graphs made my brain go back in time to those long long hours trying to understand complete gobbledegook?)Soz. Will try harder next time.(I know its naff but my word verification word is PGAIS – which I am pretty sure how you spell pigs arse in Alf Stewart, tee hee!)

19 09 2007

Did you lose your laptop while you were away?

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