Secrets to living alone #367: Surprise yourself with a nice dinner.

26 09 2007

1. Arrive home from work a little worse for wear.*

2. From the couch, stare in the general direction of the fridge, willing it to magically make a meal.

3. Sigh. Wish you hadn’t run out of pappadums. Five of them would make a tasty dinner right now.

4. Decide you are allowed to have whatever looks easiest to cook, bugger nutrition just this once.**

5. Decide you want fried eggplant for dinner.

6. Cut some thick eggplant slices, lightly fry in Olio Bello Chilli and Garlic olive oil.

7. Randomly open the freezer while waiting for the eggplant to cook.

8. Discover a couple of slices of bacon.

9. Add the bacon to the frying pan.

10. Rummage in the fridge and come out with some fresh daikon, a red capsicum, some baby spinach leftover from something and the last of a jar of pickled garlic cloves.

11. Chop into lazy chunks, chuck in a bowl, add a liberal dash of balsamic vinegar.

12. Top with crispy bacon and slices of eggplant, beautifully browned and melty.

13. Enjoy with a glass of leftover red and a slight sense of surprise.

14. Congratulations! You just tricked yourself into making a nice dinner. And there was just enough for one.

* Not a euphemism for drunk.
** Yep, totally, just this one solitary time.




7 responses

27 09 2007

So it’s been decided that 5 pappadums makes a tasty dinner? I’ll agree with that, sounds fair. Although, really, who keeps count during such meals…I love nice dinners for one. They make the world a better place.& that’s another fabulous thing about living by yourself, there’s always ‘leftover’ wine.

27 09 2007
Saturday Night Fiver

I just had “Counter Lunch Surprise” … the surprise being you make it yourself. VB is pretty standard though.

28 09 2007

I shouldn’t have read this before lunch. I’m double-hungry now. That sounded YUM!

28 09 2007

Sounds alright but, given that it seems to be based on slimy, sloppy egg plant, it doesn’t beat that old staple – baked beans and plenty of fresh chilli

28 09 2007

Eggplant slimy? Got nuthin’ on okra…..

29 09 2007
The Duck Herder

hee heewhat a model modern woman thou art Sherdie!

1 10 2007
Mangoman's Manager

Now there’s an idea – eggplant AND okra with some chili. Raw okra would add a nice crunch to the meal (Nabla, okra’s not slimy when it’s raw). Btw, Mangoman’s eggplant bush is going really well (and he does like babaganoush). Don’t know what he did with the okra bush though.

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