3 10 2007

Was it moving to Brisbane? That was heading towards safety, family, warmth.

Is it signing this mortgage? A step on the path to financial security, they tell me.

That tiny Cessna last week? At least it had two engines.

What about blasting through the streets of South Brisbane on the back of a bike without a full-face helmet? Dad’ll give me a lecture for sure… but I got home safely, not a hair out of place (unless you count helmet-hair), and it was a hell of a lot faster than walking.

Is it building a chance meeting into more than it was? Or should be? Reading too much into it because I’ve forgotten what the signals look like? Is it finding him again (I could, you know, it is theoretically possible) based on–what? Butterflies? How high the potential for floor-melting embarrassment? How high my threshold for loss of dignity?

Take a risk, said D, before he peeled away in a clatter of engine noise.

I’m just not much of a risk-taker, you see. Emo as hell, especially right now, but not so much with the risk.

We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Or in suspense.

One or the other.




8 responses

4 10 2007

At the risk of sounding like your mother, my advice is: ask ‘what’s the worse that can happen, and is the worst really that bad?’, and then take the risk. But next time make sure you have a full-face helmet – or you’ll get one for your birthday. And maybe borrow your brother’s leather jacket.That’s a big part of the ingredients of fun.

4 10 2007

Live kiddo and enjoy. If you come a gutser then put it down to experience and keep going. Keep in mind though that the essential part of quizzer’s advice is to take the risk. She has never thought about the worst that might happen in her life.

4 10 2007

the bugs you ingest while riding a motorbike in a faceless helmet are just extra fibre.

5 10 2007

Sorry about the typos in line 3. And you have to have been in my mind to understand the last line! Shows I ought to preview the post.Mangoman et al, I think that sometimes I have thought about the worst that could happen – but it was in such a flash I don’t remember it. But today I am definitely about to think of it as I wind up a fruitless search of ways to get out of a speech that I can’t get out of.

5 10 2007
The Duck Herder

WHAT MORGAGE? HFS!!!!!!! Need more information! I dont care about the motorbike! WHAT MORGAGE! please send photos now! OR at least a realestate.com.au link!!!!!xxxxxx

5 10 2007

I second the duck herders comments.Come on sister. Let us have a bit of home owner envy…..and we need to relish the first time you put a hook in the wallWHEREVER YOU WANT WITHOUT HAVING TO WRITE TO THE REALESTATE AGENT!!!!!!!

9 10 2007

I just realised that the reason why I felt like I had no idea what you was up to was because I don’t get my regular emails saying that you’ve posted a post here anymore! I will figure out how to make the reminders go to my home email.And mortgage? I third the comments asking for photos.

12 10 2007

I’m also still waiting for photos.And in this two party world I vote for ‘Risk’.

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